Top Reasons a Roof Leaks Around the Chimney

Did you know that roof leaks around chimneys are one of the most common service calls that roofing specialists receive? Guardian Roofing is the original make your roof last company, so our expert team is happy to perform an inspection and identify exactly how and why your roof may be leaking. After going through a rigorous training program, and hours of hands-on experience, our specialized team of professional trained masons can handle maintenance, repairs, or replacements of your masonry chimney. Learn more about why your roof may be leaking around the chimney below!

Top Reasons a Roof Leaks Around the Chimney

Rain going straight in from the top.

Chimneys without covers get a lot of rain falling straight down into them. In our rainy climate here in the Pacific Northwest, a chimney cover is essential. It also helps keep out birds, animals, and debris. If your chimney does not have a cover, call Guardian Roofing at 877-926-9966 to discuss an installation!

Cracks in the chimney crown.

The chimney crown is the cement piece on top of the chimney. This piece stops the rain and snow from falling in around the tiles of your chimney, so cracks in the chimney crown can allow water to seep through. These cracks can occur from shifting of the structure or from shrinkage dating back to the first day the crown was put on. To assess the state of your chimney crown, call Guardian Roofing for an inspection today! Our expert team can recommend the next steps for your roof.


The chimney of a gas fireplace should be lined to prevent condensation. This is because gas fumes are very low in temperature and have a lot of moisture in them, so fumes can condense on the inside of a chimney that is too big and cold. These fumes can soak the bricks within the fireplace and keep them moist at all times, causing damage to wallpaper or drywall that runs along the fireplace.

Improperly installed or nonexistent flashing.

The flashing on your chimney is what prevents water from going into the place where the brick structure comes through your roof. There’s a fairly large gap between the bricks and the roof and water will seep through that hole if it’s not sealed up properly. Guardian Roofing can repair or replace this vital piece of your chimney – call 877-926-9966 today for an inspection!

Leaking bricks.

Bricks and mortar both pass water, so freezing and thawing all winter long paired with the resulting damage can cause leaks in the house. Having Guardian perform regular roof inspections for you can catch this problem before it begins. Our expert team can install new mortar where it was previously becoming dry.

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