Clogged Gutters Can Damage More Than Just Your Roof 

Buying a home is probably the biggest investment you will make in your life, which means you need to protect it.

One of the ways you need to protect your entire home is to extend the lifespan of your roof. Your roof maintenance is vital to the longevity of your home. Often, people don’t think gutters and roof lifespan are related, but they are. Gutters help to protect a variety of other exterior elements in addition to your roof. At Guardian Roofing, we want you understand the importance of gutters and how to maintain them.

Gutter Guard Installation Seattle

Gutters Are Important

Gutters are very essential because a working gutter system can help save your roof from severe structural leaks and damages. After time though, your gutters will eventually need to be replaced. In the Pacific Northwest it’s vital to have well working gutters due to the high amounts of rainfall on homes each year. Guardian Roofing and Gutter Installation is here to assist you on all your roofing and gutter needs in the Pacific Northwest. 

Gutters are designed to protect your home from water intrusion by doing two things: draining and diverting. Gutter and roofing systems are designed to divert water from the roof surface and drain it away through the gutters away from your home through the downspouts. If the water from your roof isn’t efficiently drained away your roof, roofing structure, siding and foundation will be damaged.

If your gutters are not properly maintained and repaired, you can have a number of issues to remedy like:

  • Landscaping damage and soil erosion. If not properly contained, water tends to fan out, puddle, and carve into the soil around your home.  Properly installed roofing and gutter systems should direct the water in a specific way to prevent damage to your lawn and  landscaping and from moving across sidewalks and driveways where it can freeze and cause accidents. When installing a gutter system, your home should have a drainage plan so that water from the gutters is directed as far as possible from your home’s foundation to prevent erosion.
  • Prevent foundation damage and keep your basement or crawl space dry. Over time, water and ice can damage your foundation and allow water to collect under your home.  Water problems under your home can mean damage to the foundation and pipes,  invasion of pests, and mold and mildew growth. 
  • Protect your home’s exterior. Gutters can complement the siding, roof color, and the rest of the house. There are lots of gutter materials and colors to choose from. But the most important part of gutter installation is having them installed properly, if the gutters can’t drain water away properly, then your siding and soffits can be damaged and stained or lead to costly structural dry rot repairs. Missing, damaged, or clogged gutters allow rainwater to soak and stain anything in its path, including your beautiful siding. 
  • Preserve roofing shingles and other materials. It is important that rain water doesn’t seep beneath the roof structure. If it does, it damages your roofing material and leads to roof leaks, especially if the water freezes and melts repeatedly.

What Causes Clogged Gutters

Clogged gutters can be the result of a variety of problems. The most common cause of clogged gutters is debris. A buildup of leaves, twigs, and other yard materials can cause improper water flow, causing backups. Clogged gutters can also be the result of several other problems:

Poorly installed gutters and downspouts

Gutters are meant to catch and help direct water and debris, like leaves and twigs, away from your roof via downspouts away from your home’s foundation. Poorly designed, sized or installed downspouts may cause a blockage with debris, forcing the water to stop flowing freely and dam up in the gutters. Ample sized gutters allow more water and debris to flow freely. You should also pay attention to where you place your downspouts and how many of them you need on a section of gutter. Otherwise, you will be dealing with clogs. overflows and the damage and erosion they can cause.

Guardian Roofing suggests a 30-40 feet section of gutter or 400 square feet of roof should be the maximum area that a single downspout should drain. Valleys funnel a lot of water, especially under hard rains and can overwhelm a single downspout. If this is the case you need to have your gutters pitched in such a way that the gutters can accommodate the amount of water into multiple downspout drains. 

Decaying roofing materials 

Your roof protects your house from almost everything mother nature can throw at it. But when your roof ages and starts to break down, it may take the gutters with it. A decaying roof can send bits of shingles and other materials into your gutters. This kind of heavy debris may not be cleared up by a gentle sprinkle, so it may build up and cause difficult clogs.

Growing plants, mold and moss

One annoying problem with gutters is plants growing inside them. Seeds carried by birds and wind can wash into your gutters and grow in the water and soil nutrients that flow down from the roof. The result is an accumulation of growing organisms that have taken root. If they’re not removed, they could spread and irreversibly damage the gutters. Blockages like these can cause gutters to over fill and damage roofing material or cause damage to the gutters themselves.

Snow and ice

Heavy snow and very cold temperatures can greatly enhance ice formation. When the attic becomes warm enough to melt the bottom layer of the snow on the roof, the water then trickles down to the roof’s edge. When the water refreezes, it can cause clogged gutters and ice dams and eventually overflows creating hanging icicles. Without the proper protection under your shingles water could leak into the house.

Debris from trees

Aside from the usual leaves and twigs, debris falling from trees can be pine straw, fruits, flowers, seeds, nuts and even an old bird’s nest. Trees are the most common cause of gutter clogs. If they’re not pruned and maintained regularly, they could eventually damage your home’s gutters.

Preventing Clogged Gutters Can Save Your Roof

To help extend the life of your roof, you need to keep your gutters well maintained. With routine inspections of both your roof and your gutters by Guardian Roofing, you can extend the life of your roof and home. 

Routine Inspections

Routinely inspect your gutters. You should visually inspect your gutters regularly during fall and winter, especially before and after a winter storm hits. And you should have your roof and gutters inspected before spring rains. Assessing your roof before each season will really help you catch issues before they arise. Also, inspecting the exterior of your home looking for cracks, discolored siding near the roof, or fallen nails and screws can prevent further damage. You can also run a hose in your gutter to see if any leaks exist. If they do, contact Guardian Roofing, your gutter contractor,  for repairs.

Make Repairs Promptly

If you catch problems during your visual inspections, contact Guardian Roofing immediately for a reliable estimate for speedy repairs to address leaks and damaged gutters or roofing. 

Routine Cleanings Are A Must

Gutters are constantly filling with debris from trees, and other debris, so they continually need to be cleaned out. Cleaning your gutters regularly will help keep water flowing properly. If you notice large chunks of leaves and twigs piling up, clear out that area before it causes sagging and backlogging. If you don’t feel confident on that ladder, Guardian Roofing will happily clean your gutters and roof for you!

Install Gutter Guards

If your gutters are continually filling with debris, consider installing GutterDome gutter guards. Gutter guards are protective structures, typically metal, that secure over the opening of your gutters, and GutterDome is one of the most effective gutter cover systems on the market. 

Protect your home with Gutter Guards from GutterDome

Gutter Dome is a screen that provides a permanent solution to the unavoidable issue of clogged gutters. Unmatched in durability and performance, Award Winning GutterDome has several unique factors that set it apart as the industry’s best choice for gutter guards. 

  • Performance: A distinctive dome shaped mesh prevents debris from gathering on the surface of the guard.
  • Strength: Made of long-lasting military grade extruded aluminum, unlike other brands made of rolled aluminum and plastic.
  • Durability: Clear anodizing finish stops corrosion and extends the life of the gutters. 
  • Warranty: Backed by a 30 year Lifetime Guarantee to safeguard your investment.

If there is tree coverage over or near your roof, or if you frequently find your gutters clogged or overflowing Guardian Roofing recommends you have a professional inspect your roof and gutters immediately. Our knowledgeable technicians will work with you to find the right action plan for your gutters. Whether you need roof repair, a replacement, maintenance, or gutter guards, you can count on Guardian to help you make an informed decision.

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