Auburn Attic Insulation Services

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Attic Insulation for Homes in Auburn

Auburn Home Attic Insulation by Guardian

Your home’s attic may be out of sight, but it shouldn’t be out of mind. Neglecting your attic can lead to potential health hazards such as mold growth and pest infestations, as well as damage to your home’s structure.

As the leading Roof Repair and Replacement Contractor in Western Washington, we understand that a maintained and healthy attic is crucial for your home’s integrity. Our specialized attic services are designed to help you take a proactive approach in safeguarding your home against potential hazards.

Auburn Attic Services

Attic Clean-Out in Auburn

Our team of certified and licensed technicians is equipped with the necessary skills to conduct a thorough inspection of your attic. They provide a detailed clean-out service that enhances air quality, improves energy efficiency, and prevents pest infestations. We’ll work with you to design a personalized plan aimed to eliminate pollutants, mold, and pests to ensure your attic remains in outstanding condition.

We Replace Insulation

If your home is no longer regulating temperature well, it may be due to old or unsatisfactory insulation. Moreover, if your home’s insulation is old, damaged, or contaminated, it can be potentially harmful to your health. We can replace your old, worn-out insulation with premium, top-quality products to ensure your home remains comfortable and safe throughout the year.

Auburn Attic Insulation Installation

Proper installation of attic insulation is crucial for optimal protection. Guardian Home offers expert attic insulation installation services to ensure your home is fully protected. Attempting to install insulation yourself may lead to mold growth, problems with foam layers, or even personal injury and attic damage. Our trained professionals have the experience and knowledge to install your insulation efficiently and safely. We offer various types of insulation to suit your specific needs.

Fiberglass Insulation

Fiberglass insulation is made of small fibers of glass and sand that are spun into a wool-like material. This insulation comes in batts or rolls and can be installed on different surfaces, including ceilings, walls, and floors. Blown fiberglass insulation is rapidly gaining popularity due to its energy efficiency and effectiveness in sealing attics and crawl spaces.

Spray Foam Insulation

Spray foam insulation Auburn is produced by mixing polyol resins and isocyanates, triggering a chemical reaction that causes it to expand and solidify, effectively filling up any gaps and crevices in your crawl space or attic. This top-quality material is highly efficient, providing exceptional sealing and making it one of the most effective insulation materials on the market.

Cotton Insulation

Cotton insulation is made of recycled blue jeans and other natural cotton fibers from industrial waste. This insulation is treated with boric acid for flame resistance and is a non-toxic option that is easy to install and requires no respiratory or skin protection. It is becoming more and more popular for its eco-friendly qualities.

Cellulose Insulation

Cellulose insulation is made of up to 85% recycled paper that is treated with fire retardants and insect deterrents to create a safe and efficient insulation material. Cellulose insulation is generally installed as blown-in pellets but it is also available in batts, making it a versatile and eco-friendly option.

Benefits of Clean Insulation

Having a clean and properly insulated attic can have many benefits for your home and family. Clean insulation can lower your home’s energy usage and your energy bills, as heating and cooling systems don’t have to constantly run or work as hard.

Clean insulation also helps inhibit moisture buildup. Excess moisture in your attic can cause growth of mold and mildew, leading to damage and decay of your home and poor overall air quality.

With Guardian’s specialized attic services, you can enjoy a clean and energy-efficient home. Your home’s attic plays a crucial role in maintaining its safety and longevity. Don’t neglect it. Contact Guardian Auburn insulation contractors today at  877-926-9966. Schedule your insulation inspection now!