Top 5 Reasons Your Gutters Need To Be Replaced

Gutters Are Essential For Nearly Every Seattle Home

A well maintained and working gutter system can help save your roof from severe leaks and structural damage. Eventually, your gutters will need to be replaced and in the Pacific Northwest it’s vital to have working gutters due to the high amounts of rainfall each year. 

Guardian Roofing and Gutter Installation is here to assist you on all your roofing and gutter needs. Here is a list on the top 5 signs you need to replace your gutters: 

  • Water Stains:
    Regularly check your home inside and out for water stains, even your attic. If you see any stains, then your home has some degree of water damage. If these leaks in your roof or gutters aren’t repaired quickly, they could potentially lead to structural damage which could make your home unsafe. Regular gutter cleaning removes debris in your gutters and allows efficient water flow through your system. However, if damaged gutters are causing water stains, you will need to consider replacing your gutters. 
  • Warped or damaged gutters:
    Sometimes the weight of water and debris affects your gutters to the point where they start pulling away from your home or even bend at certain points. When bending gutters occur, you can risk your gutters overflowing, which can destroy the seams between the gutter pieces. At Guardian Roofing and Gutter Installation we install seamless gutters equipped with our advanced gutter guard system. Our system eliminates any seams and ensures the smoothest water flow possible. With our services the gutters are safely attached to your roof without penetrating the boards to avoid any possibility of leaks.
  • Pooling:
    Puddles around your home or water standing in the gutters can cause damage to your foundation and exterior. Standing water means the gutters are no longer channeling the water correctly. Guardian roofing and gutter experts can assess your issues and install better gutters for your home. 
  • Cracks:
    Any crack in your gutter system is a problem. It’s the biggest sign that your gutter system has endured too much wear and tear and needs replacing.
  • Peeling Paint:
    Chipping paint results in an eye sore for the appeal of your home, but it  also means that your gutters are damaged. If you start seeing chipping paint around your home, you need brand new gutters. 

It’s very important that you check your home frequently for these signs of damage to your gutters and to call Guardian Roofing before the damage gets worse. We are here to help and want to deliver and install the best gutters out there for you!

If your home needs new gutters, gutter components, or gutter protection, contact Guardian Roofing today by calling 877-926-9966, or requesting your FREE estimate online. Our friendly team of experts is standing by, ready to help you find the best solution to fit your home’s needs.