How Do I Maintain My Roof During The Winter?

Preparing Roof For Winter

Washington’s Winter Weather Can Be Exceptionally Temperamental, Going From Pleasant Temperatures to Below Freezing in No Time.

With such drastic weather your home’s  exterior will bear the brunt of rain, heavy snow, and freezing temperatures. Your roof should be a top priority when winterizing and maintaining your home. Not doing so could leave your home wet and compound any existing damage. While some assume a DIY once over inspection will do, the average person simply does not have the ability to recognize every roof issue. Not to mention how dangerous it can be to you and damaging to your roof, especially during the winter season.

During the winter months, as ice and snow build up on the roof of your house, there’s always the risk of unexpected repairs. Don’t worry, be prepared, and  avoid costly fixes before damage occurs by following some general maintenance tips and hiring an experienced roofing contractor.

Seattle Home in Winter

Follow these General tips to stay ahead of the winter storms:

  1. Clean your roof and gutters.
    How often your roof needs cleaning depends on how quickly debris builds up. Trim branches and other foliage often. Washington is called the Evergreen State for a reason, assess your roof often to clear any build up from trees, branches, and other encroaching vegetation.

  2. Use gutter guards.
    Your gutters will be much cleaner if the debris never reaches them in the first place. Gutter guards create a barrier that blocks leaves, pine needles, and other debris while continuing to let water through. Your gutters will still need occasional cleaning, but gutter guards are extremely helpful to protect your gutters and keep manual maintenance minimal.

  3. Check your attic for roof problems.
    Soft spots which are difficult to find on the roof may be much easier to find from inside. Check for areas that are discolored, look wet, or may be leaking. The best and safest time to do this is on a sunny day.

  4. Check your Skylights.
    Skylights can present their own problem during the winter months as snow covers up “weep holes”. These are the holes placed around the edges of the glass. When these holes are covered condensation can become trapped, causing water to leak. 

  5. Watch how water drains.
    On a rainy day, especially a day with heavy rainfall, check your gutters to see if water is pooling anywhere instead of draining away from your home. Water buildup on the roof leads to leaks while water buildup on the ground can lead to structural damage to your home. However, it may be dangerous to check the roof for water buildup during rainfall. Call 877-926-9966 or email us for an appointment »

  6. Fix leaks right away.
    It’s tempting to panic and try a quick fix once you see water leaking from your ceiling and toss a towel or bucket under a roof leak and get to it when you have time. It is beneficial to address the leak promptly! Oftentimes, more water damage takes place than you can see putting your walls and ceilings at risk.

  7. Minimize the snow load.
    It doesn’t take long for ice buildup and snow load to accumulate on the roof of your house. If left for too long, this added weight can quickly damage roof gutters and shingles and can lead to structural damage. Removing accumulations of ice and snow can help to eliminate many winter roof problems, however, it’s highly recommended to leave snow removal to a professional who can safely do the job for you. Not only can snow removal be dangerous, but you could also cause more damage to the roof by using a regular snow shovel. It may also be tempting to use calcium chloride or rock salt to melt ice and snow, but both can cause damage to the shingles and void any warranty from the manufacturer. Call 877-926-9966 or email us for an appointment »

  8. Have your roof professionally maintained.
    Even if you clean your roof and gutters regularly on your own, it is still necessary to have a professional roof inspection, cleaning, and snow removal. Our team of experienced, trained professionals know what to look for to help keep your roof safe this winter. Call 877-926-9966 or email us for an appointment »

The Pacific Northwest Winters can be dangerous to your home’s exterior, especially to the roof. Call 877-926-9966  or email our experienced team of professionals to come out and examine your roofing, gutters, and skylights. Enjoy Washington’s winter’s from the safety of your warm, dry home this year.