Why not use the largest exterior surface of your home to save and produce energy?

Roofing Solar

Today, energy and its costs are top-of-mind for more of us than ever before. How can we maximize our resources to reduce the cost of energy now and in the future?

Cost-Effective Solar Energy: PV Solar Mounted Panels

The current reality is that traditional crystalline photovoltaic solar panels offer the most cost-effective energy production. Their modular nature is accommodating in allowing repairs and replacement. Additionally, while they are durable and built to last 20 or so years, they do eventually need to be replaced, allowing property owners to step up to even more efficient energy production at that time.

Solar Installation on a Guardian Metal Roof

Traditional solar panels can be integrated nicely with our metal roofs. With clip-fastened standing seam roofs, the panels can be clamped onto the raised seams so that no or very few actual roof penetrations are necessary. With other styles, roof penetrations will be required; however, we use fastening brackets designed for water tightness that work very well.

Metal roofs are ideal for solar installation in 3 specific ways:

  • Cool metal roofs can increase solar panels’ efficiency.
  • Reducing your energy needs with the right roof may reduce the size of the solar array required for your home.
  • The metal roof’s durability will hold up to roof traffic when the solar array is installed and serviced.

You Can Save Energy while Producing Energy

You can drastically decrease your home energy expenses by using the largest exposed surface of your house as a system that cools and insulates while providing a permanent and secure base for PV solar panels. In this short read, roofing expert Todd Miller explains how a Guardian metal roof can save and produce energy for your Pacific Northwest home.

If you consider solar for your home, keep in mind that solar experts generally say their components have a life expectancy of around 20 years. By the end of that time, the production efficiency will have declined, and it will be time to update the solar array. However, our quality metal roofs will easily last 50+ years, so it’s essential to ensure that replacing the solar will not require replacing the roof.

And here’s more good news: even if you’re not yet ready for solar panels, we can help. If it’s time for a new roof, we’ll help you prepare for future solar installation on your lifetime roof.

We’d appreciate the opportunity to talk with you about your home solar and roof dreams and determine how we can make those dreams a reality. Schedule your FREE roofing consultation today or call 877-926-9966.