Reasons You Shouldn’t Clean Your Gutters Yourself

When the leaves are changing into their autumn beauty, it’s time for some home projects. And, before you know it, it will look like the trees are dropping leaves by the ton. Those leaves need to be picked up so they don’t damage the grass underneath. Your lawn is making its last ditch effort to build up nutrients and strengthen their roots before going dormant for the winter. But, it’s just as important to clean the leaves from your gutters.

Maintaining your roof and gutter is vital to having a comfortable, safe place to live. Yes, there are things you can do to keep your roof and gutters in peak condition.  But, cleaning your gutters by yourself maybe shouldn’t be one of them? The National Roofing Contractors association recommends that your roof be extensively inspected AT LEAST once a year- if conducted correctly an inspection and regular maintenance program will not only add years to the life of the roof, but it will detect minor problems before the damage is widespread and costly. And, Guardian Roofing can also clean those gutters for you. 

Is gutter maintenance a D-I-Y project?

There are a number of factors to consider when it’s time to clean your gutters. Here are five reasons why you might consider gutter cleaning yourself too dangerous for a DIY project:

  • Ladder safety – The biggest reason to avoid cleaning your gutters is that ladders aren’t very safe to use on uneven ground. The U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission says about 165,000 Americans are injured from ladder-related accidents, with 90,000 of them needing emergency room treatment. Being up on a ladder to clean out your gutters puts you at risk for a fall and serious injuries,
  • Going solo – While you may attempt to clean their gutters by yourself, you need someone to help you. A big mistake is to not have a helper with you to hold the ladder still. Even if you’re only using a step ladder, it’s important to have a helper steady it. They can also assist by handing you tools, like gloves and garden hoses, you might need while cleaning your gutters.
  • Insects and mold spores – You never know what could be lurking in your gutters and downspouts. Lots of insects and animals like dark, damp, or remote places like a gutter, for example birds, rodents, spiders, and other insects. Decaying leaf matter can also contain mold spores or other bacteria that could pose a health risk if you inhale it.
  • Power lines – You may have overhead electrical or phone lines running into your home from the street. W=ould you know the difference between the two? If your ladder comes in contact with a power line, there’s a real risk of electrocution. Even if you accidentally damage a cable or telephone line instead of an electrical one, getting it repaired can pose it’s own problems.
  • Damage to your home – Since most homeowners typically clean gutters once or twice a year, it’s not a common task. If you’re inexperienced, you risk damaging the gutters and facia boards from the way you position the ladder. You can easily dent the gutters, pull them away from the facia boards, and crack the seams. You can even create holes, causing gutter leaks and further damage to your foundation and exterior.

Protect your home with Gutter Guards from GutterDome

Gutter Dome is a screen that provides a permanent solution to the unavoidable issue of clogged gutters. Unmatched in durability and performance, Award Winning GutterDome has several unique factors that set it apart as the industry’s best choice for gutter guards. “Additionally, our gutter screens help to save homeowners time and protect them from injury. Each year, more than 500,000 people are treated for ladder-related injuries in America alone. Our gutter protection systems remove the risk that comes with balancing precariously on a ladder and clearing gutters by hand. In fact, GutterDome products eliminate gutter cleaning for all-time!” says Gutterdome.

  • Performance – A distinctive dome shaped mesh prevents debris from gathering on the surface of the guard.
  • Strength – Made of long-lasting military grade extruded aluminum, unlike other brands made of rolled aluminum and plastic.
  • Durability – Clear anodizing finish stops corrosion and extends the life of the gutters. 
  • Warranty – Backed by a 30 year Lifetime Guarantee to safeguard your investment.

Our Gutters Services include…

  • Installation – Guardian offers seamless custom gutters made onsite to fit your home and aesthetic. 
  • Cleaning – Our comprehensive cleaning service includes cleaning out debris, sealing all end-caps and miters (corner), and reinforcing with hidden hanger to maintain strength and durability.
  • Gutter Guards – Our top of the line gutter guards protect your gutters from becoming clogged by debris and roof granules, ultimately extending the life of your gutters and protecting your home. 
  • Gutter Repair – We can repair your existing gutters after an assessment of the repairs needed, or advise you on a replacement.

If there is tree coverage over or near your roof, or if you frequently find your gutters clogged or overflowing Guardian Roofing recommends you have a professional inspect your roof and gutters immediately. Our knowledgeable technicians will work with you to find the right action plan for your gutters. Whether you need roof repair, a replacement, maintenance, or gutter guards, you can count on Guardian to help you make an informed decision.

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