Roof Installation and Repair Warranties And What They Mean

Roof repair and installations can be a big financial burden, with extra time invested in choosing the right material color and so on. Once you’ve committed to having your roof repaired or replaced, it’s vital to understand both the workmanship and manufacturer warranties.

Manufacturer Warranties

Almost all roofing shingles come with an industry standard basic limited lifetime warranty. This warranty will cover you as long as you own your home. Different manufacturers have different versions of “Limited”, so it’s important to read what each manufacturers’ warranty covers. Most manufacturer warranties will cover defective shingles and the cost of replacing defective shingles for up to one year. Faulty installation or damage caused to the shingles as a result is not covered under this type of warranty.

Guardian Guarantee Certificate

Workmanship Warranties

A key role in the life of your roof, whether new or repaired, is the workmanship warranty provided by your contractor. The length of the warranty differs by¬† contractor, but should protect you against material failures due to improper installation and damage done to your home’s exterior or interior while the work was being performed. Additionally, a good workmanship warranty should be good for the life of the roof.

Keep in mind that a contractor’s warranty may not cover items such as storm or wind damage, ice damage, damage due to alteration of the roofing installation or repair work as well as leaks caused by fallen tree limbs and other issues not directly related to the contractor’s work on your roof.

Extended Warranties and the Guardian Roofing Difference

Most manufacturers will offer extended warranties, but usually for an additional cost. At Guardian Roofing, our experience and continued quality means that manufacturers back our work with automatic extended warranties at no additional cost to you. To learn more about our Guardian Guarantee, feel free to contact us anytime by calling: 877-926-9966