How Loud Will Your Roof Replacement Be?

How Loud Will Your Roof Replacement Be?

Some of us remember The Clash and their song, “Should I Stay or Should I Go?” You may be humming the tune when you face roof replacement. How loud is roof replacement? Will the noise be too much to stay home? Will you have to budget for a hotel stay? What about pets and small children?

Up on the Rooftop

Residential roof replacement usually means tear-off, sheathing inspection and replacement, and a new roofing material firmly attached. These are not silent operations, but they also are not on a scale that, say, commercial construction might be.

Most residential homes are steep-slope roofs. This means their pitch is greater than 3″ of rise for every foot of run. Roofers on a steep-slope roof are essentially climbing and walking on a big drum. Your hollow attic transfers sound from the roof deck into your home. Every step up on the rooftop is a clomp-clomp-clomp.

For some homeowners, including those working from home during a pandemic, the noise can be bothersome. Add to the steady beat of workers’ boots the occasional bang and thud from sheets of sheathing or shingle packs. The noise levels can get annoying. For children and pets, noises can be frightening.

Silence, Please

Most roof replacement jobs take about a day or two, but of course your timeline depends on your roof’s particulars:

  • Pitch
  • Number of gables
  • Height
  • Ease of access to the roof
  • Type of roofing material in place and what you plan for replacement

Expect to either live with the noise for around two days or find a workaround. You cannot reasonably ask your roofers to both install a roof replacement and be silent while working. Perhaps your budget cannot accommodate two nights in a local hotel or motel. Here are three solutions:

  1. Spend time outside, away from the work area
  2. Visit a local or state park
  3. Stay with nearby relatives, neighbors, or friends

The noise of roof replacement is not continuous. Tear-off tends to be quieter than installation. You may find that, if you can stand a few hours of the noisiest times, you can stay in your home throughout roof replacement.

Choosing a professional, local roofer is key to having peace of mind during roof replacement. Contact us today at Guardian Home. We cannot guarantee peace and quiet during roof replacement, but we can offer our 100 percent satisfaction guarantee!