Top Five Roofing Questions Answered

Everyone wants a comfortable home to spend their time with their family and pets. And when something goes wrong, it can be very stressful and inconvenient. Every homeowner needs to know certain things about the maintenance of their home to prevent major repairs. So why not start with learning a few things about the roof over your head. Here are five common questions from homeowners:

How long will my roof last?

If the roof on your house is brand new, you can optimistically expect it last for many years. Slate and tile roofs can last more than 50 years. Wood shingle roofs should be expected to last about 15 to 25 years depending on the quality.  Asphalt shingle/composition roofs last approximately 20 years or even longer depending on the type and if they are well maintained and properly installed. Climate and weather conditions, such as snow, rain, hail, etc, can shorten the lifespan of any roofing material.

How will I know if my roof has problems?

Regular visual inspections of your roof will help you keep tabs on the state of your roof. Take a walk around outside looking for damaged shingles, flashing, soffits and eaves. Don’t wait until after a big storm. You can prevent major damage if you repair little things quickly. Take a look inside the attic, too. Look for damp rafters and insulation, which may indicate condensation or a leak. If you see damp spots on the ceiling, it’s time to call for a professional roofing company to inspect the roof thoroughly.

Do I have to completely replace my roof if it has a leak?

Most roofing leaks don’t require you replace your entire roof to solve a leak. but you  need to catch a leak sooner rather than later. Roof leaks are often the result of your flashings being damaged or a bad “spot” that can be repaired. For more serious damage, a new roof might be the only solution.

Can I repair my roof myself?

Working on your roof yourself might sound like a good D-I-Y project from both the financial aspect and the challenge. However, you definitely need to be aware of your limitations. It’s important to know when to call someone who is trained to handle the job. You may fall off the roof or through the ceiling of the house if you aren’t careful. Professional roofers know exactly how to repair damage to the roofi so your rooftop can have a longer life. And they can do it quickly and safely. Also, an incorrectly made repair  can continue to put your home in jeopardy and be much more expensive to repair again..

If my home needs a new roof, what will it cost and how long will it take?

Only a complete inspection of the roof and a thorough estimate from a certified professional can determine how much a new roof will cost and the amount of time it will take to replace it. Factors vary widely. Your and your roofer should decide on which materials to use and schedule the repairs. The weather and time of year it is replaced may make a difference. If you have to make an insurance claim, your project may be delayed.

When your home is ready for a new roof, repairs, or maintenance, you need a reliable, dependable roof repair company. You count on you roofing contractor to keep your home safe and dry. Guardian Roofing is committed to providing top-quality service, professionalism and workmanship. If you are looking for a roof repair contractor please call us today at 844-499-7822 or complete our online service request form.