Guardian Roofing | Halo Project 2022 – The Vandenberg’s Story

Guardian Roofing is honored, thankful, and excited to be taking part in the restoration and renovation of part of William and Janet Vandenberg’s roof.

The Vandenbergs have lived in their Maple Valley home for 18 years, but encountered recent hardship that prevented them from being able to repair their cracked roof and leaking skylights. To get by, they placed a tarp on their roof and covered the indoor furniture in plastic to protect it from the leaking water during heavy rains.

A bad case of pneumonia prevented Janet from working for four months. Just as she recovered and was returning to work, William was diagnosed with vascular dementia. As they struggled financially, a new obstacle occurred: a road construction crew destroyed the drain field for their septic system, adding a new financial burden at a cost of $30,000-$35,000. Following that, William got sick with COVID-19 and was hospitalized for a few months. Soon after, he took a fall and broke his hip and femur, resulting in surgery and rehabilitation.

“The leaks are concerning, but due to circumstances we cannot control, the cost of the roof/skylight repair is becoming more difficult for us to accomplish on our own. When I received an email from Guardian Roofing explaining the Halo Project, I got a glimpse of hope and wanted to share our story with Guardian,” says Janet.

The Guardian team knew that after all of the obstacles the Vandenbergs had been up against, they were the family that needed them most this year.

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