Attics & Crawlspace Cleaning
and Insulation for Puyallup Homes


Puyallup Crawlspace Cleaning & Attic Clean-Outs

A common oversight of Puyallup home- and business owners is the maintenance of attics and crawlspaces. As is true with all types of home and building upkeep, however, an “out of sight, out of mind” approach is not conducive to long-lasting materials and structures. Effects of a long-ignored attic or crawlspace include pests (termites, wasps, rats, and others) settling in; mold growth; and the development of leaks and the resulting water damage.

Guardian Home has been serving home- and business owners in Western Washington for years. Throughout our roof repair and replacement experience, we have seen disregarded attics and crawlspaces as the culprits of many serious foundation and roof problems.

To make the maintenance of these spaces more manageable for our customers, we offer exclusive attic and crawlspace services.

Crawlspace & Attic Services for Puyallup

Attic Cleanouts

We suggest annual or bi-annual attic cleanouts to catch developing issues and correct them before they get worse. What might these issues include? Roof damage, mold, signs of pests, harmful substances, and wood rot. A Guardian Home expert will inspect your Puyallup attic and create a treatment plan for you, should anything of concern be found.

Crawlspace Cleaning Puyallup

Crawlspaces – those small areas between the ground and a home or building – provide perfect shelter and living conditions for pests and animals. Eventually, critters that make their home in your crawlspace may end up moving into the interior. When the Guardian Home technician visits your property for a crawlspace cleanout, they’ll clear out debris and any evidence of pests, change out the vapor barrier, and replace any missing insulation.

Insulation Replacement

One of the purposes of insulation is to regulate indoor temperature. If you have noticed inconsistent temperatures or an unexpected rise in heating and cooling costs in your Puyallup home, it could be due to a problem with your insulation. Call us. We will inspect the current insulation, taking note of missing or thinning materials, and replace it with new and high-quality insulation.

Puyallup Vapor Barrier Installation

A properly installed vapor barrier plays an important role in the condition and protection of your home and crawlspace. The vapor barrier is a thick sheet of plastic secured to the ground below a building to prevent mold, moisture, and pests from infiltrating the structure. Installation involves taking precise measurements, carefully cutting and fitting the barrier to cover every inch of dirt, then securing the material closely to the ground.

Don’t attempt to install your own vapor barrier; without installation skill and industrial-grade fasteners, you’ll end up with a poorly-installed vapor barrier that doesn’t do it’s job, not to mention wasted time and money. Call Guardian Home for a professionally installed vapor barrier in your Puyallup crawlspace.

Puyallup Pest Control

Do you wonder if pests have moved into your Puyallup home? Call Guardian Home for a thorough inspection and pest control services. Our technician will inspect vulnerable areas for droppings, chewed wires, holes in the wood, and piles of frass, and listen for sounds of movement inside the walls. Eaten wood is a sign of termites and chewed wires points to rats. Aside from the damage these critters can do, some can also cause a health hazard.

Guardian Home technicians are experienced in pest identification and implementation of effective controls. Upon identifying an infestation, the tech will eradicate the pests with humane traps and pesticides. Then, entry points will be found and sealed off to keep the problem from continuing.

Have you ignored your attic and crawlspace for too long? Call Guardian Home at 877-926-9966 to schedule a cleanout today!