Attics & Crawlspace Cleaning
and Insulation for Bellevue Homes


Bellevue Crawlspace Cleaning & Attic Clean-Outs

What’s one of the most preventable causes of damage to Bellevue homes and businesses? Ignoring the maintenance needs of areas like attics and crawlspaces! Guardian Home has spent many years providing roof repair and replacement services to Western Washington home- and business-owners. Time and time again, we have identified foundation and roof issues that stem from lack of maintenance and attention paid to crawlspaces and attics.

How does damage result from these spaces being ignored? Over time, pests like rats and termites move in, mold grows and spreads, and leaks develop that cause water damage (and even more mold). When these issues aren’t caught early, they get worse and worse until drastic (and expensive) steps have to be taken.

Guardian Home offers targeted crawlspace and attic services to help our customers stay on track with their management and maintenance of these easily forgotten spaces.

Attic & Crawlspace Services for Bellevue

Attic Cleanouts

The best way to make sure everything in your attic is copacetic is to schedule a regular attic cleanout – we suggest annually or bi-annually. When a Guardian Home technician inspects your Bellevue attic, they’ll look for roof damage, harmful substances, mold, wood rot, and evidence of pests. If anything of concern is spotted, the tech will put together a treatment plan for you to review.

Bellevue Crawlspace Cleaning

As with an attic cleanout, a regular crawlspace cleaning will allow an expert to inspect that small space between your home or building and the ground. Though this space is small, there is ample room for critters to find shelter and make a home. The danger is that they have easier access to the interior from there. Before you face an infestation, call Guardian Home. In addition to clearing debris and checking for pests, our technician will replace the vapor barrier and install new insulation if any is missing. 

Insulation Replacement

If you are experiencing inconsistent indoor temperatures or an unusual increase in your utility bill, it could be that there is a problem with the insulation in your Bellevue home. Let Guardian Home help you out. We’ll send out a professional to evaluate your insulation and, if needed, replace it with a brand new, quality product.

Bellevue Vapor Barrier Installation

Vapor barriers, though they seem simple, have a vital role to play in the protection of your crawlspace and building. This thick plastic sheet, fastened to the ground below the structure, keeps moisture, mold, and pests from reaching areas that they shouldn’t. Vapor barrier installation involves a few steps: taking exact measurements of the ground space, meticulously cutting and fitting the sheet to leave no dirt exposed, and then fixing the barrier to the ground with industrial-grade buttons and staples.

Vapor barrier installation should be left to the professionals. Call Guardian Home to take care of your Bellevue crawlspace.

Pest Control for Bellevue

If you have any concerns that pests may have infiltrated your Bellevue home, call Guardian Home now for an inspection and pest control treatment. Inspection by our certified technicians include looking for chewed wires, piles of frass, holes in the wood, and droppings, and listening for scuffing sounds throughout the process. Pests can cause serious structural damage and can also pose a health risk to you and your family.

If an infestation is identified in your home or building, the Guardian Home tech will implement targeted pest control measures including effective pesticides and traps. They’ll finish the job by sealing off all access points to prevent the entrance of any more critters.

When’s the last time you had your attic or crawlspace looked at? Schedule a cleanout or maintenance service today! Call Guardian Home: 877-928-9966.