Attics & Crawlspace Cleaning
and Insulation for Olympia Homes


Olympia Attic Clean-outs & Crawlspace Cleaning

Too often Olympia homes and buildings sustain damage because two important areas have been ignored: the attic and the crawlspace. Even though these areas are empty or are only used for storage, they still need to be regularly inspected and maintained. Guardian Home provides comprehensive roof and foundation services, and over the years we’ve offered these services, we’ve seen that foundation and roof issues frequently correlate with unmaintained attics and crawlspaces.

What happens when these areas below a roof and floor are not monitored? There are three principal areas of impact: pests, mold growth, and wood damage due to moisture. If any of these three conditions are present, they can quickly become serious problems that are expensive to reverse.

Guardian Home offers a suite of services that target attics and crawlspaces. We aim to help homeowners stay on top of caring for all parts of their houses and buildings.

Attic & Crawlspace Services in Olympia

Attic Cleanouts

A yearly or twice-yearly attic cleanout is the best way to maintain this space and avoid problems. A Guardian Home technician goes over your Olympia attic with a fine-tooth comb, looking for all signs of damage or vulnerable areas. He or she searches for signs of pests, such as termites, wasps, and cockroaches, and rodents like rats or mice. If mold is present or soft wood from exposure to moisture, the technician will make a note. A treatment plan is presented to the homeowner with a discussion about implementing repairs.

Olympia Crawlspace Cleaning

If homeowners forget about checking and maintaining attics, they think even less about crawlspaces. But these highly accessible areas invite anything that walks, crawls, slithers, slides, or flies. It’s natural that once something inhabits a crawlspace, it will try to find its way into a home where there is warmth and potential food. Call Guardian Home to have regular inspections conducted on your Olympia home crawlspace. Our technicians will help clear out obstacles and residents of all kinds and will get the space secured with a vapor barrier, renewed insulation, sealants, etc.

Insulation Replacement

In Olympia homes and buildings where the indoor temperature tends to fluctuate, inadequate insulation is usually the reason. Batting may be too thin or missing altogether. In older homes, the batting may have deteriorated and lost its ability to perform like it used to. Guardian Home crews replace old installation with new batting and make sure coverage is comprehensive. Usually, replaced and supplemented insulation makes a difference in temperature stability.

Olympia Vapor Barrier Installation

Vapor barriers installed in crawlspaces are effective in reducing moisture under a house and in helping to keep pests and critters out. A vapor barrier is a thick sheet of plastic that is stapled to the ground under a house. Vapor barrier installation requires clearing out all debris and obstacles from under the house and then evening the ground. Sheeting carefully measured and cut to fit is installed tightly and with as close to 100% coverage as possible.

Although vapor barrier installation sounds like a simple do-it-yourself job, we recommend scheduling the professionals at Guardian Home for the task.

Pest Control Olympia WA

You may not see the signs of pests in your Olympia home, but that doesn’t mean they’re not there. We highly recommend scheduling a visit from Guardian Home’s pest control team for an inspection and treatment if necessary. It’s easier to prevent bug colonies than to rid a space of an infestation.

Of course, if you see or hear pests, call us as soon as possible for control and eradication.

Guardian Home pest control experts look for various kinds of signs, including wood with chewed tunnels, piles of “sawdust,” droppings, frass piles, and chewed wires. Pests make sounds too—running, scuffling, and chewing. Guardian Home technicians identify the presence of pests and implement various strategies for getting rid of them.

Don’t neglect your attic and crawlspace. Schedule a Guardian Home inspection at least once a year. Doing this prevents damage, helps keep repairs costs low, and extends the life of the structure.