Attics & Crawlspace Cleaning
and Insulation for Normandy Park Homes


Normandy Park Attic Clean-outs & Crawlspace Cleaning

Attic Clean-outs are one of those vital activities that homeowners don’t think about until something goes wrong.

Unlike other visible spaces of your house, the attic is forgotten for anything other than storage. However, an attic necessitates the same maintenance you give to the rest of your house.

If left untreated, the problems in the attic can lead to hazardous health conditions and severe damage. This includes contamination from the feces and urine from mice, raccoons, or bats that live in the attic, which may pose danger to the health of your family.

Guardian Home is Normandy Park’s premier roof replacement and repair contractor. Roof and foundation problems often arise from attics and crawlspaces that are left unmaintained.

We offer some targeted services to help our clients better manage these parts of their houses.

Normandy Park Attic & Crawlspace Services

Attic Cleanouts

At Guardian Home, our skillfully trained attic cleaning team can resolve even the hardest conditions. Schedule annual or bi-annual attic cleanouts! Our proficient Guardian Home technician will inspect your Normandy Park attic for pests, roof damage, wood rot, and harmful pollutants. After checking for these things, he/she will then create a treatment plan for you to consider.

Crawlspace Cleaning Normandy Park

Crawlspaces under a home can over time become repositories of junk and garbage, attracting pests that can go on to cause serious damage.

Chores like cleaning up debris and rotting materials, removing old insulation, and clearing rodent feces are essential to a clean crawlspace. In a Guardian Home Crawlspace cleanout, our specialist will clean out pest evidence and debris, and replace the missing insulation and vapor barrier.

Insulation Removal

Do you have a problem keeping your Normandy Park indoor temperatures regulated? You might have an insulation problem. Insulation is vital to keeping any home warm while minimizing energy costs. Insulating your crawlspace and attic is one of the most important ways to keep your house warm. We’ll assess the insulation status, get rid of old insulation, and replace it with new insulation.

Vapor Barrier Installation Normandy Park

Vapor barriers are durable membranes that work by blocking the penetration of water vapor and the entry of pests. These membranes come in various thicknesses. A Vapor barrier correctly installed keeps pests and moisture from entering a structure.

Reach out to Guardian Home to have a specialist install a vapor barrier in your Normandy Park house crawlspace. We first remove debris from the crawlspace and then prepare the ground so it’s as flat as possible. Once we have leveled the ground, we measure and cut the vapor barrier to fit the space. We strive to cover close to 100% ground so that no dirt is left uncovered. We then install the vapor barrier with industrial-grade staples and special buttons.

Pest Control Services

How can you tell if you have pests in your Normandy Park building? Reach out to Guardian Home. We will look for signs of pests in your house, which can consist of droppings, holes in wood, piles of frass, webs, the sounds of scuffling inside walls and chewed wires. Some of the damage that can be caused by pests in your home include termites eating away wood, rats chewing wires, and burrowing into the insulation. Other pests and rodents may carry diseases and pose a health hazard to your family.

We have the knowledge and equipment to solve all your attic and crawlspace problems. To have a specialist check your house’s attic and crawlspace, call Guardian Home at 877-926-9966. Schedule a cleanout today.