Attics & Crawlspace Cleaning
and Insulation for Kirkland Homes


 Kirkland Attic Clean-outs & Crawlspace Cleaning

Attics and crawlspaces are usually out of sight, and as a result, most Kirkland homeowners and business owners often ignore them. Yet, they shouldn’t be overlooked as they can result in serious issues including leaks which may lead to the development of mold and wood rot. In addition, neglected attics and crawlspaces may attract pests and animals.

Guardian Home is a premier roof replacement and repair contractor in Kirkland. We have served businesses and homeowners for years and established that roof and foundation problems often arise from crawlspaces and attics that are neglected.

To help our clients better manage these areas of their buildings and homes, we’ve developed some specialized services.

Kirkland Attic & Crawlspace Services

Attic Cleanouts

Schedule attic cleanouts with Guardian Home today! Our certified professionals will examine your Kirkland attic for harmful pollutants, pests, wood rot, mold, and roof damage. If they find any of these, a treatment plan will be created for you to consider.

Crawlspace Cleaning Kirkland

The crawlspace is the narrow area under a building between the floor and the dirt. The crawlspace is just enough for one to access on their stomach. Animals and pests make crawlspaces their shelter, and some may move into your home after some time. In a crawlspace cleanout, our Guardian Home technician will clean out the clutter and may also install the vapor barrier and replace insulation.

Insulation Removal

Do your Kirkland home temperatures fluctuate? If you can’t seem to keep your indoor temperatures regulated, you might have an insulation problem. Insulation may be missing or it might not be thick enough. At Guardian Home, we evaluate the status of your insulation, take away old insulation, and substitute it with quality new insulation. Call Guardian Home today for Kirkland insulation removal services!

Vapor Barrier Installation Kirkland

A vapor barrier is a plastic sheet fitted in the crawlspace under a house. These plastic sheets come in an assortment of thicknesses. Most businesses fit the 6 mm barrier. The sheet goes directly onto the ground.

To have a technician install a vapor barrier in your Kirkland building crawlspace, call Guardian Home. Our technicians first remove debris from the crawlspace and then level the ground so it’s uniform. We then measure and cut the vapor barrier to fit the surface. We ensure that we cover as much ground as possible so that no dirt is left bare. We then install the barrier with industrial-grade staples and special buttons.


Vapor barrier installation is best done by specialists so that it lasts for many years. Contact Guardian Home today for Vapor Barrier Installation in Kirkland!

Pest Control Services

Are you looking to have your Kirkland home checked for pests? Contact Guardian Home. Our specialists will check for signs of pests, which can comprise holes in wood, webs, chewed wires, and scuffling sounds inside walls, droppings, piles of frass. Pests can cause a lot of damage to your Kirkland home. Rats chew wires and can destroy the insulation, termites eat away wood. In addition to causing damage, some rodents and pests such as cockroaches carry diseases.

At Guardian Home, we have the expertise and equipment to handle all kinds of attic issues. Our specialists can rid an attic of unwanted residents using humane traps and effective pesticides. We also ensure that we seal entry points to prevent new pests from accessing the area.

Are you looking for quality Kirkland Attic Clean-outs & Crawlspace Cleaning services? Call Guardian Home at 877-926-9966 for a premier attic and crawlspace clean-out today!