Insurance Claims

Homeowners and building owners who experience a roof related insurance claim will want to work with a roofing contractor they can trust and understand like Guardian Roofing. A great roofing contractor will respond quickly to protect your family or the building contents and work hard to prevent additional damage.  

Working with Insurance Companies on your Roofing

Tips For Working With Insurance

  • Find Out What Your Policy Covers:
    It’s good to know if your policy will cover emergency tarping or repairs to prevent further damage until the roof can be permanently repaired.  Also, it’s important to know if your policy considers the aging or life expectancy into account when it comes to covering damages. 
  • Provide Documentation for Your Claim:
    Guardian Roofing will conduct a very thorough inspection to help you and your claims adjustor.  In addition, we will take digital photos and provide quick and easy access to your service information. 
  • Choose a Contractor with Insurance Expertise:
    Here at Guardian Roofing, we have been helping our clients and insurance companies with claims since our inception in 2005. Navigating through the complexities of an insurance claim can be very challenging and our goal is to help make it as seamless as possible for both you and your insurance company. 

To have Guardian Roofing assist you with your roofing project please call us at 877-926-9966 and schedule an appointment today