Meet Our Certified “Woof” Inspector

From fetching building supplies, to giving bone-ified encouragement to the team, Charlie’s here to ensure our customers have a “pawsitive” experience (and a little fun) with Guardian! Although she lives with our owners Matt & Lori, Charlie’s truly running the show and visits us at the office and occasionally during big projects, when she’s not too busy out and about in the community that is!

Dog Pack Giveaway 2022

You Could Win:

  • $25 PetSmart Gift Card
  • 6oz. Bag of BIXBI Pocket Trainer Treats
  • Dog Blanket
  • Two Stainless Steel Dog Bowls
  • Dog Water Bottle Dispensers
  • Dog Treat Pouches
  • Adjustable Dog Leash & Collar
  • Dog Waste Bags & Dispenser
  • Portable Travel Dog Bowl
  • Dog Training Clicker
  • Double-sided Dog Brush
  • Dog Toothbrush Pack
  • Dog Nail Clippers
  • Hair Removal Brush
  • A Variety of Dog Toys
  • Pet First Aid Kit
  • Dog Nail Grinder
  • $30 Mud Bay Gift Card
  • Pet Photo Frame
  • Dog Treats

Guardian has put our paws together with KIRO Newsradio 97.3 FM for the ultimate DOG PACK GIVEAWAY! Each month, we’re “treating” one lucky dog owner and their fabulous furry friend to a huge prize package with everything needed for a tail-wagging, terrific time!

Listen in to KIRO Newsradio 97.3 FM to learn more about how you can win!

Pawsitive Reviews

Tell Charlie if you’ve had any feedback “fur” the team, or even if your experience was a little “ruff”: