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For a  limited time Guardian Roofing is offering free Attic Inspections (valued at $225) to help maintain your home’s temperature.

Why your attic needs to be regularly inspected.

  • Loss of Heat
    Perhaps the most commonly reported symptom of inadequate attic insulation is the escape of your home’s heat. An attic that is ineffectively insulated makes it difficult to retain the heat that is pumped throughout your home and turn can cause a higher monthly energy bill. Professional routine attics inspections can help you determine if your home requires more insulation.
  • Pesky Critters
    It’s no secret that heat rises. This means that during the winter your attic is the warmest place in your home. Your attic insulation can make a cozy warm living space for local rodents such as mice and rats.   
  • Roof Leaks
    It’s hard to diagnose a broken bone without the help of an X-ray. Similarly, it’s difficult to locate the source of a roof leak without an attic inspection. Most homeowners first clue to a leaky roof is spots on the ceiling, but by that time, water has been allowed to drip from the roof, through the attic and insulation, and ultimately through the attic floor, only to be exposed in the ceiling below. By that time, significant and costly damage has already occurred. Prevent damage before it starts! Schedule an attic inspection today!

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