Washington State History Museum

The Washington State History Museum is a historical museum in Tacoma, WA, in the US. It is run by the Washington State Legislature’s formal authority with the Washington State Historical Society. The museum first started on 10th August 1996, in a $42 million structure near the Union Station area.

There are three permanent displays at the museum. The first is on Washington state’s history and its relationship to the Northwest Pacific, with relics from Native American tribes, industrialization, Clovis points, and women’s suffrage. The History Lab is situated on the top floor of the museum, where travelers can learn and explore history in a more detailed manner through different interactive displays. The largest authentic model train layout of the state encompasses 1,700 sq ft and makes scenes from regional railroads and the Union Station of Tacoma, which is also housed on the top level. In December, the museum arranges a Model Train Festival too.

A Board of Trustees governs the Historical Society, which contains seven ex officio members (the Governor, Secretary of State, Superintendent of Public Instruction, and four State Legislators). The officers (President, Vice Presidents for Western and Eastern Washington, and Treasurer) are limited to two three-year terms, except state-wide elected politicians. The board appoints the director, who serves at the board’s discretion and serves as the corporate secretary.

Their goal is to become the most well-known historical attraction in Washington State. We’ll do so through serving as the state’s leading history instructor, making history relevant to our daily lives, and encouraging civic discussion open to all. The Washington State Historical Society works in collaboration with our communities to discover how history binds us all together.


The Washington State History Museum (WSHM) is the Washington State Historical Society’s welcome community face and most viable operation. The WSHM is situated along Pacific Avenue in Tacoma’s downtown core, among a vibrant cultural landscape of restaurants, shops, galleries, museums, and the University of Washington’s at the Tacoma region. WSHM shows fascinating exhibitions and objects from the Society’s permanent collections, as well as changing amazing exhibitions that explore topics like, the development of American Football, D.B. Cooper’s famous flight, protest photography, the rise of indie music in the state, and much more.

The Washington State Historical Society is situated in Tacoma, on the Puyallup People’s ancestral lands, which they have stewarded for generations. Weekend and evening events and programs keep things interesting! At WSHM, there is always something fresh to do. Come in and see how history binds us all together.


Here are the goals of the Washington State History Museum :

  • Make a significant impact in each of the state’s regions.
  • Locally and statewide, develop new audiences and expand existing ones.
  • Develop institutional assets to fulfill our collection’s, visitors’, and customers’ changing demands.
  • Increase organizational resources to ensure long-term support for our purpose.
  • In our operations, programs, and collections, we should strive for inclusion, diversity, equity, and accessibility.

Gifts, donations, conveyances, bequests, and devices are all accepted under the Society’s new regulations.

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