Guardian Roofing Protection Plan | Seattle, WA

At Guardian Roofing we pride ourselves in being a full-service roofing contractor what that means is not only will we replace your roof we’ll perform repairs cleanings and we’ll perform routine maintenance.

It’s important to know that all the manufacturers of asphalt shingles require that roof be maintained what does that mean needs to be clear of debris you need to make sure there’s no moss growing we checked the sealants the flashing and all the major components.

At Guardian we have something called the guardian protection plan what that does is take care of your routine maintenance for you every year we’ll come out some people need it more depending on how much debris they get on their roof.

We will get the debris off of your roof out of your gutters we’ll do a full inspection of the roof its components flashing and sealants and we’ll clean your skylights. So with the Guardian protection plan you have a chance to take care of all your routine maintenance and keep your warranty intact and of course it keeps your roof looking nice so give our office a call today at 877-926-9966 and ask about the Guardian protection plan