Art that never gets old

The center for amazing visual art started in 1933. The Seattle Art Museum is carved in the city and part of the historical views like coffee, rain, mountains, Pike Place Market, Space Needle, and others. The Museum celebrates its position as a crossroads where east meets west; urban meets natural and local meets global. The museum collections, installations, special exhibitions, and programs that feature art across the globe are all collaborated in one place. The rich heritage of the ancestors of Seattle is preserved, and the evolution of the new technology in arts has been beautifully picturized in the Museum.

Located in the heart of downtown Seattle this Museum is a blessing for all art lovers across the globe. Seattle Art Museum is gifted with 1,000 works from more than 40 collections to the elegant museum holdings and reinforces its dedication to artistic excellence. The roots of the Seattle Fine Arts Society decided to grow the arts into a dynamic museum from its establishment with distinct venues and showcase the world the fine arts stored inside.

Some unknown facts:

The Seattle Asian Art Museum has resided since 1933 at the Art Deco building in the Volunteer Park of Seattle. Chinese and Japanese art has the largest collection areas of Asian art. In recent times there have been various artworks from the Middle East regions. The Museum also holds artworks from Korea, South Asia, Southeast Asia, and the Himalayas. 

Carl Gould, a Paris-trained Seattle architect, built this magnificent Museum in 1933. The Seattle art museum is now a heritage site for the city. After renovation, it was renamed the Seattle Art Museum in 1994.

Time is taken to explore

It takes about 2 hours to explore the Seattle Art Museum. This museum can be reached using various modes of transportation like bus and monorail. You can also drive to the Museum as there is ample parking space for private vehicles.

Cost to see the Museum

Seattle Art Museum is where people often like to visit for the emerging collection of arts the place holds and keeps adding new. The Museum has membership starting from $80x for individuals; prices may vary for the group visitors. Becoming a member of the Seattle Art Museum has its privilege and perks to explore this place anytime they wish.

With this blog, you get a fair idea about the things to expect in the Seattle Art Museum; you can visit the official website for more details.

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