For Best Rated Seattle Wasp & Bee Control Call Guardian Pest Control Services

Guardian Pest Control offers a complete wasp and bee control and prevention treatment by our qualified pest control technicians to minimize the possibility of wasps, bees, yellow jackets and hornets from building nesting on or near your Seattle area home.

Guardian Wasp and Bee specialist will remove any established wasp nests from your home’s soffit and fascia, roofline, gutters, Window frames, shutters, Underneath decking, overhangs, exterior cracks, seams and crevices as well as sheds, gazebos, garages, and other detached structures near your home.
After nest removal, our technicians will apply an application to prevent wasps from establishing new nests this year. All wasp and bee removal treatments are safe for humans and the environment. Reduce the risk of stings and allergic reactions call Guardian Pest control for Seattle’s best wasp and bee control. 

Wasps & Bees

Over the last couple of decades, alarm bells have been ringing over the state of honey bees. Beekeepers started noticing an enormous drop in their bee populations, and they could not pinpoint a reason. Some beekeepers reported up to a 90% loss in their hives. Since bees are so important to our ecosystem, this drop is especially alarming. Some estimates show that farmers in the United States might be losing $15 billion each year in produce and nuts because of the bee shortage.

Wasp and Bee prevention in Seattle

While a pest control specialist has no problem exterminating most pests, bees are different. Since they are so vital and so endangered, Guardian Pest Control Services in Seattle will find alternative means to rid you of bee problem.

While the thought of leaving bees alive might make you uncomfortable, you should always remember that bees only sting when they feel threatened.

Killer Bees

Killer bees have a scary name, but it is not altogether fair. They are very similar to regular honey bees. They make honey and wax, and will sting if they feel threatened. However, they are much more aggressive than their honey bee relatives. It takes much less to make a killer bee feel threatened. Simply walking past a nest at a distance closer than 50 feet can bring 100s of bees swarming at you. They will even chase someone for a quarter of a mile. When it is all said and done, a person could end up with over 100 stings. Once a hive has been established inside a home, it’s recommended to destroy the colony to prevent them from returning.


The most common wasps found in the State of Washington are yellowjackets. Unlike the sometimes fuzzy bumble and honey bees, wasps are thin, shiny, and look smooth. They like to feed on other bugs and pests like caterpillars and flies. They will also snack on your household garbage. They will construct their hives almost anywhere, so they often surprise people. Guardian Pest Control will use state of the art pesticides to eliminate your wasp problem. Be very careful around wasps, as their sting could set up an allergic reaction and cause anaphylactic shock.

If you are in the Seattle and have a problem with bees or wasps, give Guardian Pest Control a call at 844-499-7822 to solve it, or schedule your appointment online.