Wolf Spider

Unless they are radioactive and can give you superpowers, nobody wants spiders in their home. They have black eyes and creepy legs, leave their webs where we can walk into them, and if movies and television are to be believed, they will eat us if given half a chance. While there are very few spider species that can cause you harm, there are still a couple of dangerous species to watch out for.

Black Widow Spiders

The black widow is probably the most famous venomous spider there is, and many call the State of Washington their home. They are usually black or dark brown, and sport severe-looking red or rust-colored markings on their abdomens. These markings can often look like an hourglass. Mature males are generally harmless, but the females can pack quite a bite. If you do get pricked by a black widow, then seek medical assistance right away. While they are rarely fatal except to small children, you may have nausea and high blood pressure, along with a fever.

Brown Recluse Spiders

Brown recluse spiders, as their name suggest, do not like to be seen. They are pretty rare, and have not been spotted in Seattle or Washington State as of yet. There have been some uncommon sightings in California, however. While the likelihood of being bitten by one is much less than being struck by lightning, the effects can be just as devastating. With the brown recluse, the males and females are both packing dangerous venom. Symptoms of a bite from this spider are necrosis, which is dead tissue, and intense pain. A visit to the closest emergency department is necessary, where they would hopefully have the antivenom to prevent further damage.

Despite the fact that you could find spiders every day if you looked for them, no other species are necessarily dangerous. There are some varieties that are good for your garden, however. They set traps for other insects and prevent them from causing damage. Despite this, you certainly don’t want them crawling around your house.

What Guardian Pest Control Can Do

Guardian Pest Control can help with your spider problem by spraying the outside of your home with a specially formulated product to create a barrier against pest. We will de-web eaves and windows to. Once the webs are gone, the spiders are less likely to return. Spiders are fairly simple to remove. Guardian can also help identify the pests so you know what you are dealing with and to make sure there aren’t any additional concerns.