Pest control isn’t just about bugs. Rodents can become a huge problem once they’ve taken hold and started breeding in a home. Sometimes, you don’t even notice you have a rodent problem until it’s too late. Guardian Pest Control can help you deal with them using the most up-to-date techniques and equipment. If you see a rodent, it is vital to contact a professional immediately to assess the situation. If you see one, there will quickly be several more once its friends and family come to join it. Rodents carry bacteria that can lead to diseases.  They contaminate your food, and can cause people to jump up on chairs and sway them with brooms. Seattle has been named the 7th “rattiest” city in the United States. Here are some rodent types that you might encounter.

Roof Rat

Roof Rats

As their name suggests, these guys like to get up to the higher heights. Gutters, power lines, and yes, roofs, are all favored spots by this rodent. When the weather changes and being outside is no longer tolerable, they will make their way inside of homes and buildings. They are usually darkly colored, and can get as long as 8”. Their tails are very scaly and resemble worms. They are also not above biting if you get to close or disturb them.

Sewer Rat

Sewer Rat or Norway Rat

Norway rats have the distinction of being the largest rodents that live in human environments. So, you can see why you do not want to find one burrowing around in your home. They stick to the low ground, and even underground. They are less afraid of humans than other species, but they are not necessarily friendly. Their teeth can bite through piping, and they will use them on humans. As with any wild rodent, they carry diseases and bacteria, so do your best not to come into contact with one.

House Mouse

House Mouse

Despite the cute name and cute looks, the house mouse is still not a rodent you want hanging out in your home. They are the most common rodent you will come across, and that is because they breed so often. A female can have up to eight litters a year, with each litter containing up to eight babies. That is a lot of mice coming into the world. They also carry several diseases and will contaminate your food. They will bite if they are cornered, but are generally pretty shy of humans.

How Guardian Can Keep Rodents Out Of Your Home Or Business

Guardian Pest Control has several methods at its disposal to help eliminate rodents. A pest control specialist will make a thorough inspection of the premises, and advise you on ways to keep rodents away. We will check for any signs of an infestation, like droppings and teeth marks. We will continue to monitor the traps to make sure that your rodent problem is gone and that your home or office is set up to prevent any further infestation.