Cockroaches are a classic creepy crawly that absolutely everyone detests. In TV and movies, if there needs to be a pest infestation, it is almost always cockroaches, because writers know that they are so universally loathed.

They are an extremely resilient insect. When nuclear bombs were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, cockroaches were among the few survivors. They’ve been around for at least as long as man has and can adapt to almost any climate in the world. They do seem to like warmer climates the most, but they can absolutely be found in the State of Washington. You simply do not want them in your home, as they also carry a whole host of diseases, such as cholera, dysentery, salmonella, and the actual plague. Here is a rundown of some of the more common roach species.

American Roach

Oriental and American Roaches

These two varieties are the big kind of roaches. They are generally anywhere between one to two inches, and have a dark shiny brown coloring. They like to spend their time in cabinetry and under sinks, and will travel along baseboards. Because of their size, they can be frightening, and they make a satisfying (or disgusting) sound when stepped on. Other than the germs they carry, they are not dangerous and will not sting you or bite you.

Small Roach

German and Brown-Banded Roaches

These two types are smaller than the previous two, measuring anywhere from a half an inch to ⅝ of an inch. They are tan colored, or sometimes light brown. The German roach is probably the most common cockroach in the pacific northwest, including Seattle. They tend to feed at night so you might not notice them. Luckily they don’t live long. However, within their 100 day life span a mated pair of roaches can breed approximately a million babies. Once you do notice them, it will probably be because their population has grown so high. German roaches will eat book bindings and furniture glue, but also love human food.

How To Deal With Them

Guardian Pest Control is your best bet for getting those nasty roaches out of your home and out of your life. They will spray around the exterior of your home with a specially designed liquid product that will create a barrier against pests and bugs. On the inside of the home, Guardian will eliminate all the bugs from infested spots. Cockroaches, no matter the size, will be no match for the selection of roach baits in our arsenal. The gel-based formulas we use are safe for humans, and are placed in any areas where roaches might congregate. They work fast, and your home will be bug free in no time at all.  

It might feel satisfying to feel the crunch of a cockroach under your shoe or whatever other weapon you might use, but getting rid of an infestation won’t be so easy. Call the professionals at Guardian Pest Control in Seattle to deal with your roach problem fast.