Occasional Invaders

Outside of pests, bugs, and small rodents, there are other invaders that might try to make a home on your property. They mostly come out at night, and they are larger than those other pests. We’re talking about small animals like opossums, skunks, and raccoons. These members of our nearby wildlife can dig through your garbage and create huge messes, all while also carrying any number of diseases.



It’s appropriate that the raccoon has their signature markings around their eyes that make them like burglars. They will do anything they can to scavenge through your garbage and leftovers to look for food. They can be found wherever there is trash, and sadly urban centers like Seattle have a lot of trash out in the open. They can essentially eat anything, which makes a garbage can the same as a buffet table to them. They are very intelligent considering that they like to eat garbage, so they often will find creative ways to get into garbage cans no matter how well they are secured. They carry with them rabies and roundworm. They are very aggressive, so if you come across a raccoon, do not go near it.



Skunks are not the debonair ladies’ men that old cartoons make them out to be. The most defining feature is their smell. If they feel threatened, such as when your pet tries to fight one or you walk too close without noticing one, they will spray a rancid liquid to keep you away. While they are attracted to garbage, they are much more likely to eat the produce and bugs in your garden. Like other urban wildlife, they carry diseases. They don’t often bite, but if they do, there is a good chance you can contract sylvatic rabies or something else awful.



Opossums are the least dangerous of the group, but they probably look the scariest. They have sharp teeth, and a tail that makes them look like a large rat. They don’t tend to carry disease, however. They also don’t usually bite, but they will bare their teeth to threaten danger away.

How Guardian Pest Control Can Take Care of Raccoons, Skunks, and Opossums

Guardian Pest Control will work with licensed trappers to remove your wildlife problem quickly and humanely without endangering the animal or your property. To make your home less attractive to these animals, make sure to secure your garbage lids as well as possible. Also, you can freeze organic waste, which will prevent it from smelling too inviting. Raccoons in particular do not like a castor oil, dish detergent, and water mixture, so spray it around your garbage to keep them away.