Attic Cleanouts

All too often for homeowners we think that if we can’t see or hear something, we can just ignore it. The attic can be a pretty quiet spot. Many people use it for storage, and don’t go up there very often. Why worry about the attic when all that’s up there are boxes of mementos, knick knacks, and family photos.

Attic Cleanout

However, there can be a lot of action happening in an attic even if you can’t hear it. Rodents, pests, and other creepy crawlies love the attic since it often has access points and is often warm and humid. Squirrels have been known to find their way in, as have chipmunks, and even bats. Not only is it warm, but the fiberglass insulation in most homes makes a great nest. All of these rodents leave detritus behind which can carry disease and pathogens.

Guardian Pest Control in Seattle can provide an inspection of your attic to see if any pests have made their way in. They can also check the condition of your attic insulation and potential access points to make sure that there is no easy way for them to get in.

Clear the Clutter

Other than preventing you from finding things, a cluttered attic is a great environment for pests, rodents and insects. There are lots of dark corners and hiding places, and they don’t get disturbed too often by humans. You should go through an attic cleanout every 2-3 years. Not only will you get rid of stuff you don’t need and prevent a potential habitat for pests, but you will also clear out space to make it easier to replace any weakened insulation and prevent safety hazards from tripping hazards.

When To Do An Attic Cleanout

Other than every 2-3 years, there are certain situations that call for a cleanout right away. The biggest is if there are already signs of some kind of infestation. You might see droppings, or bat guano, or holes in the wall where rodents could have snuck in. If you notice that your insulation isn’t adequate or is damp in certain spots, then you should clean out the area and replace it.

If you live in the State of Washington, contact Guardian Pest Control for an inspection of your attic and to develop a plan to eliminate or prevent an infestation.