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Are You Looking for Reliable Pest Control In Tacoma, WA?

For some homeowners, seeing bugs and pests in their home might be the absolute worst thing that could happen. Termites, ants, rodents, and bedbugs are all creepy crawlies that we could do without seeing on our floors or walls. Unfortunately, bugs and rodents can absolutely invade any home, and cause major problems too, besides being unpleasant to look at. If you have an infestation, you could risk major damage to your home by not acting quickly and contacting the pest control professionals at Guardian Home.

We know that dealing with pests is not something that you want to wait on. We are experienced and qualified to handle any pest control issues you might have. Here is a quick guide to some of the services we provide in Tacoma.

Our Pest Control Services

When you hire our pest control services, our team of professionals use a tried and trusted approach to remove the threat permanently.

  • Inspection: It’s one thing to locate pests and remove them. It’s quite another to find out how they are getting into your home in the first place. We will make sure that the source of your pest problem is taken out of the equation so you don’t have to worry about future infestations.
  • Exclusion: Oftentimes, the source of pests is damage to your home in some way. There may be gaps in door frames, or in walls. We will repair those problem spots to prevent re-entry.
  • Exterminate: We only set out to exterminate pests when we know that it will be successful and the problem will not return.
  • Prevention: We will not just take care of your immediate problem. We make sure that we can prevent any future issues. That means creating an external barrier to prevent pests from getting onto your property. While many pest control firms will do the bare minimum, we take pride in going a little further to make your life easier.

If you are having a pest problem that does not seem to be related to this list, then please do not hesitate to contact us. We perform many other services and pride ourselves on going above and beyond for our customers. Call Guardian Home in Tacoma today. It is also important not to attempt to control pest infestations on your own. You could risk injury or health complications. Trust the experts at Guardian Home to protect your home.


Termites are well-known for eating through wood. They have the gut flora that allows them to do this. It is the cellulose in wood and plants that they specifically ingest. A colony of termites could number up to a million bugs. Unfortunately, they are sometimes hard to notice, and can months before you realize there is an issue. Termites can threaten the very structure of your home, so removing them quickly should be your first priority.


Of the 700 or so ant species that live in the United States, only about 5% of them will come into human homes. Some of the worst are Carpenter Ants, Pharaoh Ants, Horse Ants, and Moisture Ants. We can eliminate any type of invading ant from your home and make sure they do not return.


Believe it or not, but getting rid of rodents does not involve jumping on a chair and swiping at them with a broom. Rodents are amazing in their ability to adapt to different environments. In Washington, we have Roof Rats and Norway Rats that cause problems. For mice, keep an eye out for House Mice and Deer Mice.


Bedbugs are so good at adapting to their surroundings that they are extremely difficult to control. Bedbug infestations take a lot of time and energy to clear, and they can spread quickly. Despite what many think, bedbugs are not attracted to dirty rooms. They love body heat, and they love the carbon dioxide we exhale. That is why they will nest near where we sleep, and then feed on our blood. They do not transmit disease, but they can cause dangerous allergic reactions. All too often, one treatment is not enough, and several may be needed to completely eradicate the problem.


Wasps are known for stinging people. Having a wasps nest on your property can be dangerous, especially for those with allergies. Enough wasps could even kill someone if they attack all at once.


Speaking of adaptability, roaches are one creature that is believed to be able to live through a nuclear attack. In the United States, we have the Oriental, Asian, Brownbanded, American, and German cockroach species. Roaches emit secretions as they move that can spread disease, including asthma, which makes them dangerous along with looking disgusting.


Spiders probably have an unfair reputation, since they do a lot of good for our ecosystem. However, here in the Pacific Northwest, there are some dangerous species to avoid. The Brown Recluse, Black Widow, and Aggressive House Spider have all been spotted in the area, even if they are not native to here. Contact Guardian right away if you think you may have an infestation of any spider, regardless of how dangerous they might be.