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For some, a bug is a minor nuisance and nothing to be worried about. For others, bugs represent dirtiness, germs, and sickness. Unfortunately, bugs and pests can absolutely cause you health and sanitation problems. The professional pest control services from Guardian Home can remove any pests from your home and protect you from infestation. Whether it’s spiders, ants, bed bugs, hairy rodents or more, we can help. An infestation of pests will not get better on its own, and will in fact get worse as time goes on. Call today to get a certified professional to your door as soon as possible to get your problem taken care of.

What Do We Do?

There is no pest control problem that we cannot handle. Not only that, but we have a verified approach that not only removes the threat, but helps make sure that it doesn’t come back. Here’s what we do:

  • Inspection: Once we have identified the infestation, we will remove the pests by the appropriate method. Then, we will inspect your home and property to find out how they entered in the first place. Getting to the source of the problem is just as important as removing the threat so that you will not be bothered again.
  • Exclusion: in many cases the source of the issue is damage to your home, or gaps that have opened up in walls or door frames. Our experts can repair anything that is allowing pests to enter, or get someone who can so that you do not have to worry about re-entry.
  • Extermination: Extermination is an extreme option, so we do not go about it lightly. There is no point to extermination if the problem will just come back, so we only consider it when we are 100% sure that the overall problem is solved.
  • Prevention: After removing the threat and repairing any problem spots that may allow entry, you might think the job is done. Not necessarily. At Guardian, we want to go the extra mile for our customers. That means potentially setting up an exterior barrier that will keep pests away from your home in the first place. This will make it even less likely that you will have an infestation in the future.

Benefits of a Professional Pest Control Company

There are many reasons why you should use Guardian Home for your pest control services. For one, you definitely do not want to take a chance on your health. A pest infestation can seriously threaten the health and safety of the people in your home through germs or bites. They can also better identify the threat, which means that they can properly and thoroughly solve the problem using the appropriate methods. Using a professional is also generally faster than using DIY methods. Sure, you may be able to eliminate some pests with home products, but you may not have completely fixed the problem. If the pests keep coming back then you are wasting your time and money. Our Sumner pest control experts will identify the problem, remove it, and help prevent it from happening again. Surprisingly, in many cases using a professional is also cost-effective. Sure, there is the up front cost, however, it can save you money in the long run. If you keep having to buy DIY products, and the problem keeps coming back, then you are not saving any money.

Common Pests

Here are some of the common pests that you might find in Sumner, WA. If your specific pest problem is not included, that does not mean that we don’t handle it. Call us today to talk about how we can help.


Ants are a common pest in any part of the country. They infiltrate food containers and go back to the nest to tell their friends about the bounty. Before you know it, one ant turns into thousands. Common ant types in Washington include Carpenter Ants, Pharaoh Ants, and Moisture Ants

Bed Bugs

This is the bug so scary and gross that they made a bedtime song about it. Bed bugs love human body heat and the carbon dioxide we exhale when we breathe. They come out at night when it’s dark to feed on blood, which has the nutrients they need to survive. Bed bugs are very resilient and difficult to control. They can spread quickly throughout a home, and it may take a Guardian exterminator several attempts to completely eradicate the issue.


Rodents are the scourge or many homeowners. They breed quickly, and they are extremely good at hiding. Sometimes the only signs are the pellets they leave behind and the noises you may hear during the night. Rats and mice carry germs and can even bite when threatened.


Termites love to eat through wood. They burrow into it to make a nest, and then work on digesting the cellulose for the nutrients they need to survive. Unfortunately, they can also reproduce quickly, meaning an infestation can get up to a million bugs pretty quickly. If you see even one termite, then call a professional immediately before things get out of hand and the structural integrity of your home is threatened.

If you are in Sumner, WA, then there is only one choice for the best pest control services. Call Guardian today.