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Guardian Pest Control is Your Best Option in Silverdale, WA

Nobody likes bugs in their home. They are not cute, like pets, and they can spread germs and cause damage. Rodents, ants, spiders, bedbugs, and termites can all be a scourge on your home and it is important to get rid of them fast. The longer an infestation lasts, the worse it gets.

At Guardian Home, we fully understand your need to have your pest problem eliminated immediately. Not only that, but we will make sure to help prevent future infestations as well. Dealing with pests is a reality for around 10% of homes in the United States every year, so you and your pest control service provider must be diligent. Pest control is not just about killing bugs. It is about keeping the household safe while removing and preventing pest infestations. 

What Guardian Home Pest Control Will Do for You

When you hire our pest control services, our team of professionals use a tried and trusted approach to remove the threat permanently.

  • Inspection: Any pest company can locate pests. It is the great ones that will also inspect the premises to discover the reason why your home was targeted. Was it certain sanitation practices? Is food being left out? Whatever the reason, we will help you change your habits so that you do not have another invasion.
  • Exclusion: In many cases the pests were able to enter the home through an area of the home that has been damaged. We will work to seal off any gaps that could be entry points, and set traps as well in the weakened areas.
  • Exterminate: We only embark on full extermination when we are 100% sure that it will be successful
  • Prevention: As we’ve mentioned, we are not like other pest control companies in Silverdale. We take the extra steps to keep pests away after we get rid of them. To prevent more incursions, we will install an exterior barrier to keep creatures away from your home so you can sleep easier.

You might have a threat in your home that is not listed on this page. That’s okay, we offer services for many different pests, and can no doubt help you out. Do not try to handle a pest infestation on your own. You may get hurt or sick, or you might even make the problem worse. Call The professionals at Guardian Home in Silverdale, who have the training and equipment to fully eliminate your pest problem.


Everyone knows that termites can eat through wood. What they may not know is that termites like to burrow into the wood and reproduce. There are termite infestations of millions of bugs in some homes. These bugs will chew through the wood and cause serious harm to the structure of your home. Repairs bills can get up into the thousands of dollars range.


In the United States there are currently approximately 700 different species of ants. Most of them live out in nature, but a small percentage will invade human dwellings to cause problems. They will get at your unsealed food and spread germs around your home.


Mice and rats are very unwelcome in any home. While some bugs may go unnoticed or are so small that they are not threatening, rodents are much larger. They can gnaw through pipes and drywall, and get into many food containers. They also spread germs and will leave their pellets in their wake.


It used to be widely believed that bedbugs were only attracted to unsanitary or dirty places. That is not the case anyone. These bugs actually just like humans. They like our body heat, they like the carbon dioxide we exhale, and they like our nourishing blood. They also like to come out in the dark, which makes bedrooms a perfect place for them to set up nests. Bedbugs are very resilient and adaptive, so they are extremely hard to exterminate. It may take several procedures before a bedbug problem is completely eradicated.


These insects are known for stinging, which why having a hive or a nest on your property can be a nightmare. If enough wasps attack, they could kill you. Do not try to remove hives and nests on your own.


You could probably strike your cockroach infested home with a nuclear bomb, and the roaches would calmly creep right out of the wreckage and keep on spreading their germs. They look like creatures from a science fiction movie, and they are even more difficult to exterminate.


Spiders have probably gotten an unfair reputation among some people. While they have 8 legs and can be quite frightening, they are for the most part pretty harmless. That said, in recent years dangerous spiders like the brown house spider and the black widow have made their way to the pacific northwest. If you see either of these dangerous spiders in Silverdale, call Guardian Home right away to remove them.