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Pest Control You Can Count on in Puyallup, WA

It may be that you notice something scurrying away out of the corner of your way, or it could be that you walk into a web. Or maybe you find droppings or food containers that have been gnawed through. However you discover a pest infestation, it is certainly unpleasant for a homeowner. If this has happened to you, then do not hesitate and call the pest control experts at Guardian Home in Puyallup.

We know that it is best to attack a pest infestation as quickly as possible. The longer it goes on, the more pests can get into your home and affect the health and safety of your family and the structure of your home. At Guardian Home, we have the training and equipment to get the job done right.

What Guardian Home Pest Control Will Do for You

When you hire our pest control services, our team of professionals use a tried and trusted approach to remove the threat permanently.

  • Inspection: When it comes to pests, it usually isn’t just a random coincidence that they have targeted your home. There is often something drawing them there. We will find out what this cause is, and then plan a way to eliminate that cause to prevent future infestations.
  • Exclusion: A lot of times, pests are able to access the home through damage at certain entry spots. We will seal off any gaps and set traps to capture or kill any invaders.
  • Exterminate: We do offer extermination services, but only after we have determined that will be completely successful.
  • Prevention: We are not like other pest control services. At Guardian Home in Puyallup, we want to take the steps necessary to prevent future invasion. We will install a barrier outside that will keep pests away, so you can live in peace again.

If you are in need of pest control in Seattle but don’t see the name of the threat on this page, please get in touch with us because we also perform extra services. There are occasions when you need recurring services which is why we offer a Monthly/Bi-Monthly option to our customers, so they have further peace of mind.

Do not attempt to handle a pest infestation on your own. Our professional pest control experts at Guardian Home have the equipment and training needed to properly handle any infestation.


Termites have an amazing and annoying ability to consume cellulose, which is found in wood materials. That means that your home could be considered a tasty feast that could allow them to live comfortably for a long time They are very sneaky, so by the time you discover there is a problem, they may have already caused serious damage to your foundation and structure.


Carpenter ants, pharaoh ants, odorous house ants, and moisture ants are all common species that you can find in Puyallup. They infiltrate your home and get into any food that is left out or crumbs that haven’t’ been picked up. If there is enough food, they will quickly tell their friends, and before you know it, thousands of ants and running across your counter.


It’s usually that we see evidence of rodents before we actually see the rodents. You might hear scratching behind the walls, or their little feet scurrying along the floor, or their droppings left in a cupboard. They can spread germs and disease and will contaminate your food if they get into it.


All too often, the first sign of bedbugs are the bite marks left on your skin. They have become so adept at living in human environments that their numbers seemingly continue to grow. They are not only attracted to dirty and unsanitary conditions. The fact is that bedbugs can show up in anyone’s home. They are drawn to body heat and carbon dioxide, so your sleeping form is perfect for comfort. They also feed on human blood, which makes your bedroom even more attractive. Bedbugs may be one of the most difficult pests to exterminate, and it may take several tries before a professional is successful.


The big danger, as most know, is that wasps will sting people if they feel attacked. If you have a hive or nest on your property, then there is a good chance that they will feel attacked at some point. Get a wasp expert from Guardian Home to handle removing them, because it can be a dangerous job.


Roaches are the poster child for disgusting pests. They are ugly, their shells are hard and crunchy, and they secrete germs everywhere they go. They are also very good at surviving, so call in a professional to deal with them. Roaches not only can cause illness, but allergic reactions as well.


Along with roaches, spiders might be the most frightening looking pests, with their eight legs and bulbous bodies. However, they are harmless for the most part. That does not mean you would want a bunch of them hanging out in your home. Also, there are dangerous species of spiders, such as the brown house spider and the black widow.