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Rodents and bugs are unwelcome visitors in any home. Unfortunately, asking them politely to leave will never work to get them out. Ants, termites, mice, rats, bed bugs and spiders are all creatures that can invade our homes and make our lives uncomfortable. At Guardian Home in Purdy, we are committed to providing the best pest control services in the area to remove your threats quickly and cost-effectively. We have a time-tested approach that works time and again for not just removing pests, but preventing them from returning. We also know that a pest infestation will only get worse before it gets better, so so we will be at your door quickly to solve your problem. Here’s a guide to the services we offer.


While you might be thinking of removing the immediate threat, our minds are always on treating the cause, and not just the symptom. That means inspecting the entire property to find out exactly how the pests got into your home, and why they were attracted.


There could be many possible sources for entry, and many possible reasons they came in the first place. We will make sure that any gaps in walls or door frame or other entry points are sealed or repaired. We will also provide you with tips and guidance on pest-prevention habits like sealing food properly and not leaving doors and windows open.


When the time to comes to eradicate the threat, it will only be after we have treated the underlying causes of the infestation. If we exterminate the pests before that, then there is a very good chance that more pests will simply come afterwards.


We are not just interested in removing the immediate infestation. We are also concerned with doing whatever we can to prevent an infestation of any kind in the future. That means taking steps to fully secure your home, such as installing an exterior barrier. This is just one of the many ways that Guardian Home goes the extra mile for our Purdy customers.

You may be tempted to try to remove a pest infestation on your own. There are many products available at home and garden stores that can help. However, if they are not used correctly they either may not work or they may even be dangerous. Our pest control service providers know how to properly handle and target insecticides so that they are safe for pets and people. Also, attacking a problem yourself may leave you vulnerable to bites, stings, and infections. Let the professionals handle it to get it done quickly and safely.

Here is a sample of the pests we deal with on a regular basis. If your threat is not listed, then give us a call. We provide service for any type of pest.


We’ve all probably come across ants many times, and for the most part they are harmless. However, when they infiltrate your home, they can contaminate your food and spread quickly. If one ant is able to tell the nest about a food source, then thousands are sure to follow. Containing an ant infestation can be tricky, so contact Guardian Home to remove them quickly and thoroughly.


Termites feed on the cellulose found in wood and plant material. Unfortunately, since they often feed from the inside out, you may not notice the problem until your home is at risk. They multiply quickly as well, so a small infestation of a few termites can turn into millions before you know it.

Mice and Rats

Mice and rats present many challenges and many health issues as well. They carry with them germs and bacteria. They can contaminate your food, and leave droppings around the house. They can also damage wiring and drywall. They also reproduce quickly, so setting traps may not work if there are more rodents than traps.


Bed Bugs are frightening because they are hard to detect and spread quickly. An infestation in one bedroom can quickly spread to other rooms until your whole house is affected. Conventional wisdom used to be that they were attracted to unsanitary places, but that is no longer the belief. They love body heat, and also feed off the nutrients in human blood. Since they come out at night, you could wake up with bite marks and never have known they were there while you were sleeping.


These stinging insects make their appearance in Purdy every summer. While they will leave you alone if they don’t feel threatened, many people every year agitate a nest or hive by accident. Wasps can kill in great enough numbers. Trying to remove hives or nests can be dangerous, so let the pest control experts at Guardian Home handle it for you.