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Where To Find The Best Pest Control Services in Port Orchard, WA?

If you are having problems with pests, then look no further than Guardian Home in Port Orchard, WA. We know that there are few things more unsettling for a homeowner than finding an infestation of pests in the home. That is why we are committed to providing you with the friendly and professional pest control services you deserve.

Ants, bedbugs, rodents, termites, and others do not stand a chance against our experts. We will remove or exterminate your threat, and the do the work to prevent an infestation from happening again. Leaving a pest problem too long will increase the risk of getting sick, and also increase the risk of a hefty repair bill. Do not delay, call Guardian Home today for all of your pest control needs.

What Guardian Home Pest Control Will Do for You

When you hire our pest control services, our team of professionals uses a tried and trusted approach to remove the threat permanently.

  • Inspection: Locating the pests is, of course, an important part of pest control. However, it is also important to figure out why they are attracted to your home. Is it garbage or food left out? Could it be wet wood that attracts carpenter ants? We will inspect the premises to find out, and then make a strategy to deal with the problem.
  • Exclusion: Preventing pests from entering the home is much better than having to get rid of them after the fact. We will check your home for any damage that could be a possible entry point for rodents or bugs. We can then seal off those entry points or set traps to capture intruders.
  • Exterminate: We can certainly go through the extermination process for your home, but only once we are absolutely certain that it will be successful.
  • Prevention: Guardian Home is committed to your complete satisfaction with our services. That means taking the time to make sure that an infestation cannot happen again. We will install a barrier on the exterior of your home to keep pests away and help you sleep better at night.

If you need pest control in Port Orchard, but don’t see your threat listed on this page, then please do not hesitate to give us a call. We perform services for many types of pests and will be happy to help you no matter what your specific issue is. It is important not to try and deal with a pest problem on your own. Not only might you get hurt or sick, but you might also make the problem worse by accident. Contact the professionals at Guardian Home to help.


Everyone knows that termites can eat through wood. However, it does not happen as fast as it does in old cartoons. A termite infestation takes time to develop, and by the time you notice there’s a problem, there could be millions of bugs gnawing away on your home. If they are left too long, they can damage your foundation and the very structure of your home.


Ants like to find food and then travel back to the nest to tell the others. Then they all travel to the food and work on bringing it back. This means that if you spot one ant, you can be sure that many more are to follow.


There is a lot of competition, but rats and mice might be the least favorite of all the pest. They are dirty and furry, and have chattering teeth that can chew through many things. They also spread disease and like to get into food that is left around the home.


Contrary to popular belief, bedbugs are not attracted only to dirty and unsanitary places. That means that you are not protected even if you are the biggest neat freak in the world. Bedbugs love the carbon dioxide that is produced when we exhale, and the body heat that we give off. They also happen to love feeding on our blood, which is why you could wake up with bites all over you during a bedbug infestation. Bedbugs are extremely stubborn, so oftentimes exterminators have to make several tries before the problem is completely removed.


Many people try to remove wasps nests themselves. Unfortunately, this is never a good idea and often ends in disaster and lots of stings. Wasps can be deadly if enough of them sting you.


Roaches are associated with dirty and unsanitary places, and with good reason. They are extremely unpleasant to look at, and they spread germs everywhere they go through their secretions. There are several roach species that you might find in Port Orchard, such as the Asian, Brownbanded, American, and German.


Most of the spiders you come across on your property will be harmless, and most will keep to the outside. However, there are some dangerous species that have been spotted in the pacific northwest, such as black widows and brown house spiders. Do not get too near if you have an infestation of one of these types of spider.