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Top-Notch Pest Control Services in Lake Tapps, WA

Nobody likes pests in their homes. 10% of homes across the United States hire professional pest control services every year to remove infestations and to keep their homes and businesses clean and safe. In Lake Tapps, it’s no different. Bugs and rodents can attack your home, and you may need help to get rid of them. Guardian Home is the best option for pest control in the Lake Tapps area. We have a team of experts ready and willing to provide you with great service and reliable pest removal methods. The Guardian Home pest control method involves going above and beyond simply removing the threat. We will eliminate it for good. Here are the steps we take in every pest control situation, no matter the size.


We can remove pests, but it is also important to figure out the cause of the infestation in the first place. It might be that your home is warm, or it could be that you have left food out, or it might be because there is damage that is allowing entry. Whatever the reason, we will inspect your property completely to identify it.


Once we have found the cause, we will then take steps to remove it. That might mean repairing the damage. It could also mean setting traps around certain trouble spots. The important thing is that once we have inspected and identified it, we will always remove that issue so that it will not cause future infestations.


Exterminating pests is a big part of what we do. Our experts understand the different methods and techniques that are required for each type of infestation. We will do our best to make sure that it works the first time. However, we also understand that there is no point in exterminating a problem if it is just going to return a few days later. That is why when we exterminate, we do it only after making sure that all of the causes and sources are removed and the problem won’t come back.


After we have removed a threat and prevented it from returning, we will then do what it takes to help avoid other problems and infestation in the future. That might mean installing an exterior barrier. It could also mean setting up a maintenance plan. This would involve our experts coming to your home on a regular basis to inspect and evaluate the premises to see if there are any potential problems. This will help catch issues before they get too big.

Why Guardian Home Pest Control?

Not only do we provide our tried and tested methods for removing pests. Using Guardian Home means having knowledgeable experts who will make sure that your problem is solved quickly and cost-efficiently. You may think that a DIY solution to your problem will do the trick, but in reality products you can buy at the store are not always the best solution. It takes training and years of knowledge to know exactly what will work for each situation to get it done the first time. By doing it on your own, you may end up making several attempts and still not have completely solved the problem. Guardian Home will make sure your issue to remove the first time, which could save you money in the long run.

Here Are Some Pests You May Find in Lake Tapps


There are 700 ant species found in the United States. While only approximately 35 of those species will invade a home, that is plenty. Once an ant has found a source of food, it will report back to the nest to notify the others. It leaves a scented path for them all to follow. This means that an infestation can grow quickly. They get into your food and spread germs. A professional will remove the ants and also obliterate the pathway that they have created so no more can find their way inside.


For the most part, spiders are pretty harmless. They can keep away other pests from your garden and usually do not pose a threat to humans. However, there are some species, such as the Brown House Spider and the Black Widow that can bite and cause injury and illness. The pest control experts at Guardian Home know the best ways to remove spiders safely.


Many people are amazed at how fast an infestation of mice or rats can grow. They breed quickly, so if you leave a rodent in your home you will soon have many more to deal with. They carry germs and spread disease and respiratory problems, and can even bit in some cases. They are not cute and cuddly like the ones you might see at a pet store.

This is just a sample of what pest control services Guardian Home provides. Give us a call today to talk about how we can solve your pest problems.