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Reasons Why Guardian Home Is the Best Choice for Pest Control in Issaquah

When it comes to infestations, all too often homeowners and businesses try to deal with the problem themselves, instead of calling in the experts. Unfortunately, this is not always a good choice. Using Guardian Home for your pest control needs in Issaquah WA is the most reliable and cost efficient way to remove pests and prevent them from returning. Here are some of the reasons why you should choose us to help with your pest control needs.

Custom Made Solutions

All infestations are not created equal. Many things can be different in each case, over and above the type of pest to be dealt with. The location of the infestation or the nests can be different. The number of pests involved can be different. Every home is different and comes with its own set of challenges. The list goes on. When we tackle a pest problem, we inspect the entire property so that we have a complete picture of what is going on. We can then create a custom plan to remove your problem based on what we found during our inspection.


Some of the products that you can use to exterminate pests are not safe for humans and pets. If you use them improperly, you could end up putting people and pets in danger. At Guardian Home, we use strong insecticides and poisons that can eliminate pests. However, we will always let you know when it is unsafe for someone to be in the home. That way, you can be sure that the extermination process is as safe as possible for everyone involved. Not only that, but trying to remove a pest problem on your own could put you in danger of bites, stings, or getting sick.

Removing the Source of the Problem

Every infestation has a cause and entry point for where the pests accessed the building. When we inspect the property, we will identify the source and cause to make sure that no more pests will be attracted and enter in the future. We will give you advice and guidance on good pest prevention habits, and repair any trouble spots that may allow access.

Getting it Right the First Time

At Guardian Home, we have a team of pest control experts who use the best equipment and products in the industry. We know that there can be a different approach to every situation, and we can adjust our strategy accordingly. We are much more likely to remove a problem on the first try, so your home can get back to normal.

Save Money

Upfront, hiring a professional service will cost more than buying DIY products at a home and garden store. However, the fact is that not all of those products are effective in every situation. You may end up having to try several products before finding one that works. Not only that but even though it works, it might not be as thorough as you need it to be. With our expertise, equipment, and knowledge, we can get rid of the problem quickly, and without repeated attempts. Not only will you save money, but you will save time as well.

Preventative Maintenance

Once we have removed the problem and done what we can to try to prevent future infestations, we can then talk about ongoing maintenance and support. We can, first of all, provide you with tips and guidance on good pest prevention habits, such as sealing food properly and repairing any gaps in your door frames. We can then come and inspect your home on a regular basis to make sure there are no problems developing. If there are, we can deal with them before they get too big.

Guardian Home is your best option in Issaquah for reliable and cost-efficient pest control services. Give us a call today to talk about how we can help.