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Why You Need Professional Pest Control Services in Covington, WA

The last thing you need entering your home or business is pests. They can contaminate your food, cause allergic reactions, spread disease, and even damage your property. Luckily, if you live or work in Covington, WA and have a pest issue, Guardian Home is here to help. We provide fast, reliable pest control service that will get your problem solved in no time so you can feel comfortable in your home again. You may be tempted to go the DIY route to save money and solve your issues. However, that is not the best option when it comes to dealing with pests. Here are some reasons why you should hire Guardian Home for your pest control needs.

Tailor-Made Service

All pest problems are different. The difference could be in the type of creature, or where they have nested, or how big the infestation is. Each situation requires a different approach to eliminating the problem. Every building, in fact, offers its own set of issues to deal with to make sure that the pests are removed for good. We will fully inspect your property, and not just where the infestation is taking place, to remove sources for re-entry and future potential invasions. Afterwards we will formulate a plan to not just remove the pests that are already in the building, but also to prevent more from getting in.


Guardian Home provides the safer option for pest control when compared to DIY options. If you do not use a product you have purchased properly, then you could be putting yourself, your family, or your co-workers at risk. Our exterminators know which insecticides and other products are safe for your pets and for people. They will provide regular communication and information so that you are sure that your family is safe at all times. You can rest assured that we will not do anything that would compromise the health or safety of the people in the building.

Get it Right the First Time

The experts at Guardian Home have the best equipment and use the best products to remove your pest problem. They also have years or expertise and extensive knowledge of the pests that they deal with every day. The fact is, there is a much better chance that we will eradicate the problem on the first try. By trying to DIY, you may end up making several attempts and not keeping up with the growing infestation.

Save Money

The only reason someone might choose to tackle a pest problem themselves is to save money. It makes sense on the surface, but the fact is that hiring Guardian Home could save you money in the long run. Unless you are an expert, you may not buy the right product the first time. Or you may not use it correctly. You may even buy a product that does not work well. It’s quite possible you could end up spending more on DIY products than you would have if you’d just called the experts at Guardian Home.

Professional Pest Control Support

Professional pest control is not just about dealing with infestations and problems as they come up. It takes a committed, ongoing effort to do what it takes to keep pests at bay. Guardian Home offers maintenance plans that will keep your home safe and protected against pests so that you do not have to deal with large infestations that have built up over time.