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Guardian Home is the Pest Control Specialist in Buckley, WA

There is nothing worse than discovering that you have bugs or rodents living in your home. They carry germs and can threaten the health of your family and even the very structure of the house. Many people turn to products they can easily buy in many stores to solve the problem, but that is often not enough. That’s where Guardian Home pest control in Buckley, WA comes in. We have the knowledge, expertise, and equipment to remove pests from your home as quickly and thoroughly as possible. We understand that when you are invaded by pests, your entire home can feel unwelcoming and uncomfortable. Guardian Home pest control experts will have you feeling back to normal in no time. We have a test approach that not only eliminates pests, but keeps them from coming back.

Pest Control Services


It’s one thing to set traps and hope to catch all of the bugs or rodents. However, there is a lot more to pest control than that. We will inspect your property to find the source and cause of your infestation to prevent it from happening again. That means checking for entry points or asking you about any habits that might attract creepy crawlies. We can then take steps to remove those issues so you can feel safe in your home again.


After inspection, we will fix whatever it is that is attracting the bugs. That might mean repairing damage to your home, or filling in gaps in walls or door frames. In some cases, if the cause is a habit, we will give you tips and advice on how to cure those habits and protect your home. Prevention may also mean installing an exterior barrier to keep pests away from your home in the first place.


Only after we are 100% sure that there is no chance of re-entry, we will start an extermination process. There is no point in killing the bugs in your home is more will just come to take their place. Not only that, but we will advise you during every step whether it is safe for you and your pets. Each pest requires a different kind of extermination protocol, and we will tailor our approach to your situation. Our Buckley pest control professionals are focused on making sure that your pest issue is completely eradicated

Common Pest Problems


Termites feed off of the cellulose found in wood and plant matter. That means that your home is a tasty treat. They dig into the wood where they nest and feed. They hide very well, so in many cases an infestation is not discovered until they have threatened the structural integrity of the home’s foundation. If you see what you think might be a termite problem, then contact Guardian Home right away to fight it. The longer you wait, the worse it gets. A termite infestation can number around a million bugs if it’s left too long.


If you’ve seen one ant in your kitchen, then there is a good chance by the next day you will see dozens or even hundreds. Once an ant has found a source of food, it goes back to tell the rest of the nest, and they all come running. It’s important not just to eliminate the ones that have infiltrated your home, but remove the pathway that they follow between their nest and the food. Ants can contaminate that food and spread germs.

Bed Bugs

Bedbugs adapt amazingly well to their environment. They also reproduce quickly and move around easily. That is why they are so difficult to remove once an infestation has taken hold. They burrow into a quiet and dark spot and come out at night to feed. They love being near human body heat, and the carbon dioxide we exhale. Not only that, but they feed on the nutrients in human blood, so our bedrooms are a tantalizing place for them to nest and feed.


Rodents are dirty and carry all sorts of germs and bacteria. They can spread illness and cause respiratory issues. The bubonic plague is believed to have been caused by rats, in fact. Sometimes, the only sign we have that there is a problem is the droppings they tend to leave behind. However, if you have one rodent, then it will not be long before you have many more, as they can reproduce quickly. Before you know it, your home and property can be overrun with rats or mice.

If you have an infestation of rodents or bugs, there is only one choice for the best pest control services in Buckley, Wa. Call Guardian Home Pest Control today for all of your pest control needs.