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The Best Professional Pest Control Services in Bremerton, WA

Seeing a mouse running along your floor out of the corner of your eye can be very disheartening, as can coming across a parade of ants coming from your pantry. Bugs and rodents can cause so many problems, that it is important to get them out of your home as soon as you possibly can.

Unfortunately, pests are everywhere. Approximately 1 out of every 10 homes in the United States need the services of a pest control company. In Bremerton, that choice was often Guardian Home. We have the expertise and the knowledge to eliminate your pest problem and keep it from happening again.

We know that a pest problem is best dealt with quickly so that it doesn’t grow out of control For some pests, leaving them to continue infesting your home can be bad for your health, and could even create very expensive repair jobs.

What Guardian Home Pest Control Will Do for You

When you hire our pest control services, our team of professionals use a tried and trusted approach to remove the threat permanently.

  • Inspection: We will locate the pests. We will remove the pests. However, that is not all there is to pest control. We will also inspect the premises to find out where the creatures are getting into your home. It might be wet wood for ants, or might be a hole in a wall. We know how pests operate and can find the source for you.
  • Exclusion: In many cases, pests are able to access a home because of damage to the home itself. They crawl in through any gaps and begging to build their nests. We will seal those gaps or lay traps to catch and deter any followers.
  • Exterminate: If we are 100% sure that the problem won’t return, we will consider a complete extermination procedure.
  • Prevention: Pest control is about removing the threat, but also preventing further infestations. Too many pest control companies are satisfied with just elimination. Guardian Home will not only address your immediate problem, but we will take steps to prevent further issues.

If you are in need of pest control in Seattle but don’t see the name of the threat on this page, please get in touch with us because we also perform extra services. There are occasions when you need recurring services which is why we offer a Monthly/Bi-Monthly option to our customers, so they have further peace of mind. Do not try to control an infestation by yourself. Contact the professionals at Guardian Home, who have the pest control experience and equipment to do the job properly.

Termite Control

Termites can cause major problems for your home. They have the right combination of enzymes, bacteria, and protozoa in their guys to digest wood and plant matter. That makes the wood in your home a tasty and gigantic treat. They can burrow in and not be noticed for months. Sometimes, it’s too late, and the structure of your home is endangered. Repair costs for damage caused by termites can sometimes be in the thousands.

Ant Control

An ant Infestation is not pleasant. They are small and quick and can get into any food that is not covered. They are good at letting their colony members know where there is food, so their numbers tend to grow. In Bremerton, you will come across Odorous House Ants, Carpenter Ants, Moisture Ants, and Pavement Ants, among others.

Rodent Control

The amazing thing about rodents is that they can adapt so well to any environment. Unfortunately for humans, that means they can live inside your walls and other inhospitable places. Roof Rats and Norway Rats are the most common types of rats found in Bremerton. The House Mouse and Deer Mouse are the most common mice.

Bed Bug Control

Bedbugs have a habit of keeping people up at night and with good reason. They love body heat and the carbon dioxide that we exhale when we breathe. They also love to burrow and build nests in dark places. Besides all of that, they can feed on human blood. That makes our beds the ideal place to start a colony and find comfort and food. Contrary to popular belief, they are not only found in dirty places. They can be found anywhere, and they are very hard to deal with and manage. It may take an exterminator several attempts before the problem is completely eradicated.

Wasp Control

Wasps are stinging pests. Running into a nest can cause serious injury or allergic reactions. Do not try to remove a hive or a nest on your own. It is a job best left to professionals who have the right training and equipment. A wasp swarm has the potential to kill a human being if enough of them attack, and bees can kill through allergic reactions. Use caution around these pests.

Roach Control

Roaches can live anywhere, but you absolutely do not want them to move into your home. They secret bacteria from various parts of their bodies, which can cause illness, including afflictions like asthma. The most common roaches found in Bremerton are the Oriental, Asian, Brownbanded, and German.


Most spiders are harmless and are in fact good for the ecosystem. However, there are some dangerous species that have shown up in the pacific northwest. These include the Brown Recluse and Black Widow spiders, which have recently been transported here. Make sure to have a professional remove these dangerous spiders.