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Guardian Home Pest Control Offers the Best Service in Bonney Lake, WA

There are many things that a homeowner hates to see. You do not like to see cracks in your foundation or water leaking into your home, for instance. Perhaps nothing, though, can cause revulsion in quite the same way an infestation of pests, can, though. Whether it’s rodents, bed bugs, termites, or ants, pests are an unwanted and unhealthy intrusion into our homes. Estimates show that around 10% of homes in the United States require pest control services every year. That is no different in Bonney Lake. Chances are at some point while you own your home you will need professional pest control. When that time comes, if it hasn’t’ already, then Guardian Home is your best choice. We provide the knowledge, expertise, and commitment to service to tackle your pest control problem quickly and thoroughly. Here’s how we go about taking care of pest problems every day.

Property Inspection

Not all pest problems are created equal. The type of pest is different, the location can be different, and the cause of the invasion varies as well. We will inspect your property to find out the source of the issue, and what attracted the pests to your home in the first place. Effective pest control means getting a full picture of what is happening, and then creating a unique plan for dealing with it. Sometimes that might mean repairing damage to the home, or helping you with habits that will avoid attracting critters and creepy crawlies. Most homeowners do not usually have the knowledge or expertise to properly and completely assess the situation to remove pests thoroughly.


Once our Bonney Lake experts have fully evaluated the situation, we will take all of the necessary steps to remove the problem and prevent it from happening again. This may require repairing damage to your home, or filling in gaps in a doorway. It may also mean advising you on how to store food properly or to avoid creating environments that attract bugs and rodents.


In the vast majority of cases, extermination is needed to remove the problem. However, when exterminating pests, it is important to make sure that it is not a band-aid solution. Removing the pests is great, but it is pointless is they can just come back soon after. We will not go through a termination process unless we are certain that all of the issues have been resolved. Not only that, but extermination products such as insecticides can be dangerous for pets or even people. We always make sure that you are fully informed on the products we use, and we will advise you whether your pets or even yourselves have to vacate the premises for safety.


It’s one thing to remove a pest problem and take steps to prevent it from happening again. At Guardian Home, our specialists go the extra mile to try to prevent any infestation from attacking your home after we have solved a problem. We will do what it takes to avoid pest problems of any kind. This may involve installing an exterior barrier or other proven methods of prevention.

Maintenance and Support

After we have inspected the property, eliminated the source, removed the pests and taken steps to prevent future infestations, there is still more to do. Guardian Home offers maintenance plans to help make sure you are fully protected. This involves evaluating the premises on a regular basis to keep an eye on trouble spots and to make sure that there isn’t a hidden pest problem that you are not detecting.

Guarding Home has the pest control specialists that can quickly and thoroughly remove your pest problem. Call us today in Bonney Lake for all of your pest control needs.