Metal Shingles & Standing Seam Metal Roofing, Seattle WA

Guardian Home is proud to offer the durability, longevity and visual beauty of Metal Shingles through our exclusive partnership with Classic Metal Roofing Systems of Ohio to our Greater Seattle area customers.

Quality and Ease of Installation

Classic Metal Roofing Systems Metal Shingles are made in the USA and from 99% recycled aluminum (post-consumer). The shingles are coated in a proprietary PVDF Valspar coating that resists fading, cracking and chalking. Because of the low-weight, the shingles can often be installed on top of an existing roof, saving you the cost of removing the original roof material *

Guardian Roofing Metal Shingles

Energy Saving & Strength

Classic Metal Roofing Systems Metal Shingles feature a heat reflective coating that can help keep air conditioning costs down during hot summers. The shingles are attached using a series of metal brackets, while the shingles themselves feature an interlocking design. This adds to the strength of your home, as well as its value, making a metal shingle roof resistant to Gale force winds.

Pattern and Color Options

Guardian Home offers Classic Metal Roofing Systems Metal Shingles in a variety of installation systems, patterns and colors:

Country Manor Shake Metal Shingle

Country Manor Shake

Country Manor Shake has been passionately designed to preserve and protect your home, family, and memories. The four-way interlocking system and certified first quality aluminum create a completely integrated and impenetrable roofing system that stands up to hail, extreme wind, fire, corrosion, mold, and rot.

Oxford Metal Shingle

Oxford Metal Shingle

Oxford Shingle is designed to blend with any architectural style in your neighborhood. Oxford Shingle is also able to shed winter snow-loads and its low profile panels feature the same heat-reflective coating that keeps your home cooler in summer, saving you on energy costs.

Slate Rock Oxford Metal Shingle

Slate Rock Oxford

This shingle is a variant of Oxford that combines its already proven design with the colors and textures of slate roofing. The four-layer PVDF coating found on all Isaiah Metal Shingles enhances the depth and details of each shingle that will complement your home’s unique style perfectly.

Guardian Home Quality

Due to our exclusive partnership with Classic Metal Roofing Systems, Guardian’s contractors have extensive training on installing this type of shingle. If you’d like to know more about how metal shingles can add value and extend the life of your home, fill out our form on this page to receive an exclusive brochure. You can also call us at 877-926-9966 or schedule a free evaluation online »

* Guardian Home will first conduct a thorough evaluation of your existing roof to determine if removal may or may not be necessary.