Laurelhurst is one of the most famous neighborhoods in Washington, Seattle, United States. It’s bordered by the Ivanhoe Place N.E. on the northeast, which leads to Windermere; the Sand Point Way N.E. on the northwest and N.E. 45th Street, which lead to Ravenna, University Village, and the Hawthorne Hills; near the Mary Gates Memorial Drive N.E. on the west, which leads to Washington’s University of East Campus; on the south by the Union Bay; and eastside is the Lake Washington. The Children’s Hospital in Seattle is in the northwest portion of the city. The area, which was an encampment for the Duwamish people, the best part of Seattle since its incorporation in 1910.

The community center is a recognized landmark in the city. Gathering spots include Laurelhurst Park, the Laurelhurst Community Center, and the Laurelhurst Beach Club,

Antonio Banderas and Melanie Griffith, who have a property in rent on the waterfront while shooting a film, and musician Duff McKagan, for Guns N’ Roses, are among the prominent inhabitants of Laurelhurst. Bill Gates was also brought up in Wallingford.

As of September 2018, the neighborhood of Seattle is the most expensive land, with median property prices about $1,649,000, more than double the city’s overall price of $735,000.

Educational Ethics

Laurelhurst Elementary School, Villa Academy, an independent grade school, the Wu Hsing Tao School, and the Seattle Midwifery School are all located in Laurelhurst.


Between 1909 and 1906, R.F. Booth and Joseph McLaughlin, under the famous McLaughlin Realty Company, purchased a property from many real estate owners in the region of Yesler Village and Scottish Heights, giving rise to the name Laurelhurst. They created a new place, gave it a new name, and installed water, power, and sewer lines, but they were unable to lure a road line. In archaic English, “Laurel” refers to the plant Laurel, while “Hurst” refers to wood.

Visitors boarded a trolley to Madison Park and then a steamer across the mouth of Union Bay to a pier on the west side of Webster Point to get to this neighborhood, known as Laurelhurst, from downtown Seattle (south of NE 35th). Where the steamers landed, a communal pier and public boathouse were built-in 1912. There were 18 residences in the area, plus four more in Laurelhurst Heights, where the former golf course was located. Yesler School was attended by local youngsters, who walked west across Yesler Creek and the Northern Pacific Railroad tracks to get there. Residents of Laurelhurst petitioned the Seattle School Board in August 1915 to put a portable in their area. The next spring, Laurelhurst Annex, an annex of Yesler School, opened near the former steamboat pier at 43rd Avenue NE and (N)E 34th Street.


Laurelhurst is a Seattle neighborhood with a population of 6,897 people. Laurelhurst is located in King County and is one of Washington’s most desirable neighborhoods. Inhabitants of Laurelhurst enjoy a minimal suburban vibe, with the majority of residents owning their homes. There are numerous bars, restaurants, coffee shops, and parks in Laurelhurst. Laurelhurst is a family-oriented neighborhood with liberal citizens. Laurelhurst’s public schools are highly regarded.

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