Nature’s beauty: Golden Gardens Park

Golden Gardens Park is a public park in Seattle, Washington’s Ballard district. Wetlands, beaches, hiking trails, picnic, and playground spaces are all part of the park. In 2005, the city of Seattle classified the park’s bathhouse as a historic site.

Landmarks: –

In 2005, the city of Seattle classified the park’s bathhouse as a historic site.

Entertaining things of this place: –

The park’s lower section, located north of the Shilshole Bay Marina, is divided between wetland marsh and beach (on Puget Sound). It also contains huge grassy meadows and dunes. The views from Golden Gardens overlooking Puget Water and the Olympic Mountains across the sound are breathtaking. Even in the summer, the water is too chilly to swim in. Popular activities include sailing, kayaking, and canoeing. Kitesurfing, sailboarding, and other wind-powered activities are also popular. For more than a hundred miles, the Sound is sealed off from the open ocean, protecting the park from harsh weather.

Fire pits, picnic spots, a play area, a basketball court, and walking and hiking pathways may all be found in the park. These amazing things will always attract you towards this place, just pack your bags and go there.


The birds that dwell or migrate through Golden Gardens are well-known:

  • In the wetlands, mallard ducks
  • In the marshes, red-winged blackbirds
  • In the parking lot and around picnic sites, Canada geese can be observed.
  • Wood ducks make an appearance now and then.
  • Bald Eagles are frequently seen in this area.

Off-Leash Area at Golden Gardens Park

Golden Gardens’ one-acre off-leash area is popular with dogs and is located in the park’s higher northern section. A large open expanse covered with wood chips is available for running and playing. There are trees strewn about the off-leash area. On wet days, tables, benches, and a small covered area provide places to rest and shelter. There is parking and a restroom nearby.

Beach Volleyball Court Use

The hourly rate for each court is $8. Nets and balls must be brought by the players. Summer court usage is high, therefore booking ahead of time is recommended.

One of the five courts at Golden Gardens Park is designated for free drop-in play on a first-come, first-served basis. The drop-in court is located near the picnic area, just south of the bathhouse.

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