Donna B.

Donna B. in Puyallup on August 11th, 2015

“The vast majority of the roof looks good and very clean. There is one small roof in the back of the house over our deck where a lot of moss was missed. I'm not pleased about that. Also, there was a lot of moss blown into our grass that I spent a lot of time picking up. The worker left sunflower shells all over the place! I was surprised that one man worked alone on 2 very hot days. For safety's sake, I think you should have 2 man teams. Also, I was not pleased that the job was not done when originally scheduled and no one called me to change the schedule. I had to call to find out what and why. I learned later that you were moving your office, but still, this was very unprofessional, especially since my husband was in the hospital and I had arranged my schedule around your job. I'm sure you won't post this, but maybe you will learn something. Thanks. My roof does look much better.”