Attics & Crawlspace Cleaning
and Insulation for Renton Homes


Renton Crawlspace Cleaning & Attic Clean-Outs

If you were to guess one of the root causes of foundation and roof damage to Renton buildings, would you say crawlspace and attic neglect? Probably not! That’s because most homeowners and business owners don’t prioritize – and often don’t even think about – these spaces. But we can tell you from years of experience providing roofing services in Western Washington that the maintenance of crawlspaces and attics makes a huge difference when it comes to the condition of your property over time.

Why is this? These tight, dark spaces are susceptible to the elements and pest problems. Over the years, Guardian Home has seen mold, leaks, and pest infestations in Renton attics and crawlspaces that have been neglected for too long.

Guardian Home wants to make sure Renton property owners are equipped with the resources and knowledge to properly care for these vulnerable spaces in their homes and buildings. We offer a variety of services – from inspections to pest control – to help keep your crawlspaces and attics healthy. 

Renton Attic & Crawlspace Services

Attic Cleanouts

Make sure your Renton attic is in tip-top shape by scheduling regular attic cleanouts (we recommend you do this annually or bi-annually). A Guardian Home technician will assess the area for rotting wood, mold growth, pest evidence, pollutants, and roof damage. When finished, they’ll provide a report and a treatment plan, if needed.

Renton Crawlspace Cleaning

The crawlspace, or the space between the ground and a structure, must be inspected and cleaned out on a regular basis. During a Guardian Home crawlspace cleaning, a technician will clear out debris and any signs of pests and will look carefully for critters, missing insulation, mold, and damage. If needed, the tech will install new insulation, and they’ll replace the vapor barrier with a new one. 

Insulation Replacement Renton

Has your utility bill increased unexpectedly? Does your indoor temperature fluctuate? Missing or thinning insulation could be the culprit! Call us. We’ll send out an expert to inspect your current insulation and determine if it needs replacing. If it does, we’ll take out the old material and install a durable, high-quality product.

We Install Vapor Barriers

A vapor barrier is a thick piece of plastic – usually 6 mm – that is installed on the ground of a crawlspace. It has an important job to play in maintaining the integrity of Renton homes and buildings, as it blocks pests from accessing the crawlspace and keeps moisture out, preventing mold and water damage.

The professionals at Guardian Home have an abundance of experience when it comes to vapor barrier installation. We properly measure, cut, and fit the industrial material to the crawlspace ground, leaving no exposed earth. We use strong, high-quality fasteners to ensure the barrier is secured and will protect your Renton crawlspace for years.

Renton Pest Control

It’s a good idea to schedule pest inspections for your Renton business or home before you have a full-on infestation on your hands. When a Guardian Home inspection is performed, an experienced technician will assess the building for chewed wires, holes in the wood, frass, and animal droppings. These are all signs of pest damage: rats chew wires and termites eat through wood. The presence of critters poses a health risk, too, since some of them (like rats and cockroaches) are disease carriers.

We use specific traps and pesticides to eradicate a pest population should it be detected in your home or building. Every pest control appointment ends with the technician making sure all access points to the structure are closed off to prevent a future infestation.

Is it time to schedule a cleanout or inspection for your attic or crawlspace? Get in touch with Guardian Home now: 877-928-9966.