Attics & Crawlspace Cleaning
and Insulation for Federal Way Homes


Federal Way Crawlspace Cleaning & Attic Clean-Outs

When is the last time you thought about – let alone serviced – your home’s crawlspace or attic? It’s common for Federal Way business owners and home owners to neglect these spaces. Unfortunately, ignoring attics and crawlspaces for too long can cause headaches and require expensive repairs. Why? A leak gone unnoticed creates the perfect conditions for mold growth and wood rot. Pests and critters that enter these spaces cause damage over time.

Guardian Home has been in the roofing industry for a long time. Trust us when we say that a number of roof and foundation issues can be prevented with regular attic and crawlspace maintenance.

Knowing where to start with these spaces can be overwhelming. That’s why we’ve developed specific services that will target inspection and management of attics and crawlspaces for Western Washington homes and businesses.

Federal Way Attic & Crawlspace Services

Crawlspace Cleaning

The crawlspace is that small area between building or home and the dirt. It’s a small space, but plenty big for critters to seek shelter and warmth there. Undisturbed, they may eventually cause structural damage or enter the actual structure. A Guardian Home crawlspace cleaning includes inspection for pest evidence, clearing out of debris, replacing missing insulation, and installing a new vapor barrier.

Federal Way Attic Cleanouts

Without taking a look at your attic on a regular basis, a number of problems can develop and become serious concerns. These include pest infestations, wood rot, leaks, roof damage, toxic pollutants, and mold. Schedule a cleanout for your Federal Way attic with Guardian Home on an annual or bi-annual basis. A technician will perform a thorough inspection and, if any concerns are noted, they’ll create a suggested treatment plan.

We Install & Replace Insulation

How might you know if you need new insulation? The main warning sign is if you notice that your Federal Way building’s indoor temperature is inconsistent. If the insulation isn’t regulating temperature well, you may also experience increased utility costs. A quick call to Guardian Home will get someone out to your property to evaluate the insulation status and replace thinned and missing material with a brand new product.

Vapor Barrier Installation Federal Way

To keep your home or building and its crawlspace protected from moisture, pests, and mold, Guardian Home offers vapor barrier installation and replacement. The vapor barrier is a plastic sheet – generally about 6 mm thick – that is carefully installed to the ground so that no dirt is exposed below the structure.

Call a professional to install a vapor barrier in your Federal Way crawlspace. Without expertise and industrial materials, you’ll waste time and money on an ineffective barrier. Guardian Home techs meticulously and efficiently measure, cut, and install vapor barriers so that they do their job. 

Federal Way Pest Control

If you’re concerned about pests in your Federal Way home, call Guardian Home right away. We do detailed inspections and provide effective pest control services. Inspections involve examining the area for chewed wires, frass piles, holes in the wood, and droppings. We also pay close attention to any sounds of scuffling in the walls. Pests like termites and rats cause damage to the structure; rats, cockroaches, and other critters carry diseases, too.

At Guardian Home, our pest control techs are experts at identifying and eliminating these problems. We use traps, pesticides, and other measures to ensure your home or building is pest-free, and seal off points of entry to prevent future pest issues.

If you’ve been ignoring your crawlspace and attic, give Guardian Home a call today: 877-926-9966.