Attics & Crawlspace Cleaning
and Insulation for Auburn Homes


Auburn Crawlspace Cleaning & Attic Clean-Outs

It’s not uncommon for Auburn business owners and homeowners to ignore their crawlspaces and attics. It’s usually an “out of sight, out of mind” situation. Unfortunately, ignoring these spaces can allow for serious problems to arise. What do we mean? Well, pests – like wasps, rats, or termites – might make themselves at home; mold can establish itself; and leaks may develop, potentially leading to rotting wood and more mold.

Guardian Home is the premier roof repair and replacement contractor in Western Washington. After years of providing roofing services to business owners and homeowners, we can tell you with confidence that unmaintained attics and crawlspaces are a major source of later roof and foundation issues.

We have developed specific attic and crawlspace services in order to assist our customers in management and maintenance of these spaces in their buildings and homes.

Auburn Attic & Crawlspace Services

Attic Cleanouts

To anyone with an attic, we recommend a bi-annual or annual cleanout. How does it work? A Guardian Home technician will perform a thorough inspection of your Auburn attic for mold, wood rot, pests, roof damage, and harmful substances. If the certified technician finds any of these things, they will create a treatment plan for you to look over.

Crawlspace Cleaning Auburn

Between the floor of the home and the dirt is an area called the crawlspace. While people can usually only get to the crawlspace on their stomachs, it’s the perfect place for shelter and warmth for animals and pests. If left alone long enough, these pests and animals may end up in your home. During a Guardian Home Crawlspace Cleanout, a technician will clear any pest evidence and debris out from the crawlspace. They’ll also replace any missing insulation and the vapor barrier.

Insulation Removal

Do you notice inconsistent interior temperatures in your Auburn home? Lack of indoor temperature regulation may point to an insulation issue. The insulation could be too thin, or maybe even missing. We can help! Our tech will evaluate the condition of the insulation, then replace the old insulation with a new, good quality product. 

Vapor Barrier Installation Auburn

The vapor barrier is a crucial component of crawlspace and home protection. A sheet of plastic – usually 6mm thick – installed in the crawlspace, vapor barrier reduces the risk of pests, mold, and moisture reaching the structure. A properly installed barrier is secured directly to the ground and should last for years. Only professionals should do vapor barrier work, to ensure correct placement, fitting, and installation. 

To have a vapor barrier professionally installed in your Auburn home or building crawlspace, call Guardian Home. Our technicians first prepare the ground by removing debris and flattening the surface, then they measure and carefully cut the vapor barrier to cover 100% of the ground. Making sure to not leave any exposed dirt, they finish by installing the barrier with industrial staples and buttons.

Pest Control Services

Contact Guardian Home to find out if you’re sharing your Auburn home with pests. Our experienced technician will examine the area for signs of pests. These include piles of frass, chewed wires, droppings, webs, holes in wood, and scuffling sounds inside the walls. Rats gnaw on wires and burrow into insulation, while termites eat wood. In addition to causing structural damage, rodents and some pests (such as cockroaches) carry diseases.

At Guardian Home, our technicians have seen it all and they know what to look for. If they come across pests and animals, they treat the problem effectively with pesticides and humane traps. They’ll identify and seal all entry points to prevent any more critters from making a home in your building. 

If it’s been a while since you’ve taken a look at your attic or crawlspace, call Guardian Home today: 877-926-9966. Schedule your cleanout now!