Attics & Crawlspace Cleaning
and Insulation for Redmond Homes


Redmond Attic Clean-outs & Crawlspace Cleaning

Redmond homeowners and business owners often disregard their attics and crawlspaces since those parts of the structure are out of sight.

If you neglect your crawl space, then there’s a strong chance you also have a pest problem in your house. Birds and rodents can turn the unsealed openings in your crawl spaces and attics into their nests. Rodents can destroy your insulation and also make your home dirty and contaminated, even causing an unpleasant smell. To solve this problem, an all-inclusive crawl space clean-out is needed. The Guardian Home team will check the attic or crawlspace areas for any damage and fix them before cleaning the entire space.

To assist our customers in the management of these parts of their buildings, we offer several targeted services.

Redmond Attic & Crawlspace Services

Attic Cleanouts

Attic cleanouts are an important part of your house’s health. Our certified specialists will inspect your Redmond attic for mold, pests, roof damage, harmful pollutants, and wood rot. Our specialist will then create a treatment plan for you to consider if any of the signs are found. Schedule annual or bi-annual attic cleanouts with Guardian Home today!

Crawlspace Cleaning Redmond

Redmond crawlspace cleaning includes a range of services ranging from mold cleanup to fixing rotten boards to energy efficiency improvement. Your home will be healthier when your crawl space is clean and functional. Guardian Home Crawlspace Cleanout involves cleaning out the junk, small rodent carcasses, rotten wood, and pest evidence. We also clean beams destroyed by water. It also includes the replacement of the missing insulation and vapor barrier.

Insulation Removal

Do the temperatures in your Redmond home fluctuate? Inadequate or missing insulation may be at the heart of the problem.  Let Guardian Home help. We’ll send a team to assess your insulation and determine if it needs to be replaced.

Vapor Barrier Installation Redmond

Vapor barriers keep moisture from getting into a crawlspace from the ground. The barrier goes straight onto the ground. It also ensures that mold and pests are kept away from the building.

Contact Guardian Home for vapor barrier installation in your Redmond building crawlspace. We start by removing debris from the crawlspace and then flatten the ground so it’s as even as possible. As soon as the ground is ready, we measure and cut the sheet to fit the crawlspace. We make sure to cover the dirt fully so that no space is left for moisture or pests to access through. Lastly, we install the sheet with special buttons and staples. To ensure durability, Vapor barrier installation should be done by pros.

Pest Control Services

Are you looking for Redmond pest control services? Look no further as Guardian Home is your leading pest control services firm. Our technician will identify signs of pests, such as droppings, webs, holes in wood, the sounds of scuffling inside walls or chewed wires. For dependable pest control services, contact Guardian Home Services

At Guardian Home, we have knowledgeable technicians and the right equipment to treat all kinds of attic and crawlspace problems. Using effective pesticides and humane traps, our specialists can remove unwanted residents in your attic. We also ensure that all entry points s are sealed off to keep new critters from coming in.

Call Guardian Home at 877-926-9966 if you’ve been neglecting your attic or crawlspace. We recommend you schedule a cleanout today.