Attics & Crawlspace Cleaning
and Insulation for Mercer Island Homes


Mercer Island Attic Clean-outs & Crawlspace Cleaning

It’s not uncommon for Mercer Island homeowners to neglect their attics and crawlspaces. Let’s face it, these areas are out of sight and so, often, out of mind.

Have you checked your attic or crawlspace in the past year? If not, no need to flagellate, but you should not ignore them any longer. Pests like these dark areas, and if leaks and moisture are present, mold will like those places too.

Guardian Home is Mercer Island’s premier roofing contractor for roof repairs and replacements. We also provide foundation repair services. In this line of business, we see many an attic and crawlspace. The ones that have not been maintained are often the culprits in roof and foundation damage.

Mercer Island Attic & Crawlspace Services

Attic Cleanouts

We strongly recommend Mercer Island homeowners schedule regular attic cleanouts. By regular we mean once or twice per year. This isn’t a call to empty your attic of Christmas decorations, camping gear, and the like. No, this is a suggestion that you schedule a Guardian Home attic cleanout team to inspect the outer areas of your attic for signs of pests, mold invasion, compromised insulation, and wood rot. The team will employ solutions to fix and reverse problems.

Crawlspace Cleaning Mercer Island

The crawlspace is that area under the house between the flooring and the ground. Usually, this space is just enough for an adult to navigate on their stomach. Naturally, most adults don’t really enjoy slithering around on the dirt in a dark cramped area, so crawlspaces go unexamined sometimes for years at a time. Pests and critters find crawlspaces inviting places and naturally also try to get into the house. Moisture in a crawlspace leads to mold growth, another unwanted presence. Guardian Home teams specialize in crawlspace cleanouts.

Insulation Removal

When temperatures inside a home fluctuate more than they should, inadequate insulation is often the problem. Guardian Home technicians inspect home insulation, replacing or adding new batting where needed to restore temperature stability.

Vapor Barrier Installation Mercer Island

Crawlspaces under a home or building benefit from the installation of a vapor barrier. This is thick plastic sheeting that tightly covers the ground, preventing moisture from the earth accessing the space under the house. Guardian Home teams install vapor barriers under Mercer Island homes. They first clean out debris and obstacles from under the house and then even out the ground as much as possible. After cutting the plastic sheeting to fit snugly across the surface of the ground, they attach it securely with heavy-duty staples and buttons.

We recommend all Mercer Island homes have a vapor barrier installed. Call Guardian Homes today to schedule this service.

Pest Control Services

Do you have pests in your Mercer Island home? Schedule a pest inspection with Guardian Home Services. Our pest control teams conduct thorough inspections of attics and crawlspaces, looking for telltale signs of rodents and bugs: droppings, frass, frayed wires, chewed wood, and holes in insulation. Treating for pests reduces the possibility of vector-borne diseases and maintains the integrity of the structure and spaces.

Guardian Home technicians understand the movements of pests and their habits. They implement treatment systems designed to eradicate pests and discourage colonies from returning. Sometimes solutions are as simple as blocking access points such as holes in walls.

Call Guardian Home at 877-926-9966 to schedule a team to inspect your attic and crawlspace for pests and to conduct an eradication protocol.