Attics & Crawlspace Cleaning
and Insulation for Maple Valley Homes


Maple Valley Attic Clean-outs & Crawlspace Cleaning

When it comes to Western Washington homes and businesses, we all know that ignoring the need for regular maintenance and care comes with a consequence. Although this rule most definitely applies to attics and crawlspaces, Maple Valley homeowners and businesses owners tend to forget about these spaces. This can cause serious issues, like pest infestations, mold growth, and leak development.

Guardian Home has been serving as a top roofing contractor in Washington for years. After thousands of service calls, we can tell you with confidence that attic and crawlspace neglect is a common cause of later foundation and roof problems.

We provide several targeted services to assist our customers in managing these spaces of their buildings and homes.

Maple Valley Attic & Crawlspace Services

Attic Cleanouts

Why hire a professional to perform an attic cleanout? Guardian Home technicians are thorough, know exactly what to look for, and come equipped with all the appropriate tools and materials.

Crawlspace Cleaning Maple Valley

You’ve probably seen how small a crawlspace is – usually only big enough for someone to get to on their stomach. However, this dark, quiet, and covered space makes the perfect shelter for animals and pests. Some may even make their way into your home from this area. When you schedule a crawlspace cleanout with Guardian Home, you can count on every corner and crevice being inspected by our technician. They’ll also clear out the debris, replace missing insulation, and install a new vapor barrier.

We Replace Old Insulation

If you’ve noticed fluctuating temperatures in your Maple Valley Home (and maybe even high utility bills), the insulation could be to blame. Thin or missing insulation will not do its job of regulating temperatures and should be replaced. Call us, and we’ll send out a tech to inspect your insulation, remove any ineffective product, and install new, top-notch material.

Vapor Barrier Installation Maple Valley

Few Maple Valley businesses or homeowners know how crucial a properly installed vapor barrier is to the longevity and protection of their buildings and homes. A vapor barrier – a 6 mm-thick sheet of plastic attached directly to the ground – helps to prevent pests, mold, and moisture from accessing a crawlspace or structure.

It may seem simple, but installing a vapor barrier is exact work. Save time, money, and headache by hiring a Guardian Home professional. We come with tools to carefully prepare the ground (it needs to be very flat), then methodically measure and cut the barrier to fit the space exactly. A tightly-fitted vapor barrier can effectively keep out pests and unwanted elements. We use industrial fasteners to tightly secure the vapor barrier. A properly installed barrier closely fits below the structure and leaves no dirt exposed. It will function well for many years.

Maple Valley Pest Control

Do you wonder if there are any pests in your Maple Valley home? Has it been a while since you’ve had an inspection done? Let Guardian Home put your mind at ease – and identify and take care of an issue if there is one. When our technician performs a pest inspection, they comb through the attic and look for webs, droppings, holes in the wood, chewed wires, and frass piles. These are signs of critters like rats, termites, and more. Not only can pests cause serious damage to a home, some also pose health risks to the family inside.

Guardian Home technicians are meticulous, knowledgeable, and equipped to implement pest control measures. Call us to identify a pest presence or infestation, eliminate it, and prevent it from happening again by sealing off all entry points.

If it’s been too long since your attic or crawlspace has been checked out, call Guardian Home today to schedule a cleanout: 877-926-9966.